Ways to Protect E-commerce Startups from Cyber Attack

January 1, 2018

3:09 am

E-commerce startups or websites are a great attraction for cyber snoopers and malicious entities that are always looking for useful data.

Nowadays, most of the start-ups prefer to run an online based business due to various perks including easy access to customers and relatively less financial investment. Despite the chances of high profit, the e-commerce sites are also at a high risk of hacking attacks.

A conducted report has shown that there is almost 53% rise in cyber attacks and data breaches in the year 2016 as compared to 2015. Most importantly, a huge margin of 38 % in those breaches was shared by the e-commerce websites.

Therefore, most of the business organizations have realized the importance of prevention as compared to the activities conducted after a cyber attack. There are multiple solutions which are now presented to e-commerce websites; however, for newbies, the foremost thing is to make sure that their employees are well educated about the most common types of cyber attacks.

Methods To Protect E-commerce Startups

With this prior knowledge, your working team should focus on some of the major areas to protect your e-commerce business.

Keep Stringent Passwords

The most basic thing is to keep an unusual and strong password for servers where the sensitive business-related data especially the information of customers are kept. Also, make an informational note for your customers to add special characters in their passwords if they are creating one.

A strong password usually contains more than 8 characters with a combination of alphabets, numbers, symbols, and mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Work With a Secure E-commerce Platform

Most of the beginners are negligent about the platform authority they are using. However, it is really important to host your e-commerce site on a platform which supports sophisticated object-orientated programming languages.

BuiltWith has shown that WooCommerce, a famous WordPress plug-in is used by 663,000 websites. The primary reason for such expanded usage is the low cost, easy management and high security of this plug-in.

Be Wary of Social Engineering Scams

Usually, hackers trick the victims through an email which provokes certain kinds of feelings through which they are compelled to open the malicious file, click a malicious link, or to reveal sensitive information.

Such kind of social engineering scams are really common; therefore, we have witnessed many successful cyber attacks due to such technique.

Use Strong SSL for Your E-commerce Site

With an authentication of strong SSL for your e-commerce site, the transactions and data protection could be made secure. Also, an HTTPS version could evade the risks of third-party intrusions on your website’s data which could be fatal especially when you are an e-commerce dealer.

With such security protections, you are not just enhancing your website security but also gaining the trusts of the customers.

Enhance Your Website’s Security

With all the above protections you should remember to have an extra security layer for the site. These security add-ons may include things such as firewalls could hinder the access of snoopers to the sensitive information contained on your website.

However, to the application-level attacks such as SQL injections and XSS, website’s applications such as contact forms, login boxes and search queries could prove an efficient layer.

Final Words

Making such efforts for your e-commerce website would not just provide a way through for cyber attacks but will provide authentication to your site.

A blooming business stands on the very basic principle of making customers satisfied with your services. But, with a weak security system, you could never maintain a trustworthy relationship with the individuals looking for the products you have. So, make such protections a part of your business before your brand image is tarnished forever.

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