10 Social Media That Can Increase Your Brand Reputation

January 30, 2018

4:24 am

It was time for the real battle in fake world. Dude Perfect caught the biggest fish and won. When a picture was taken, Fish was missing! Then he entered into the game of space pirates and scored high. He could see things that others couldn’t.

Welcome to the world of virtual Reality! I make my own!

If you watched this Dude Perfect video which went viral in the recent past, you know what we are talking about. It floated around as ‘Dude Perfect have a Virtual Reality Battle’.

Videos and messages like this gain a high amount of viewership and are highly engaging.

In the open world of communication, companies are making use of such tools to establish a connection with their customers. They get a vision, think, brainstorm, research, design and build their brand online through social media.

Facts show that 93% of marketers use social media for their business. Facebook, Twitter & Google are regarded as top 3 social media sites.

Companies like Disney, Uber, Pampers, Cisco Systems, Toys “R” Us have prominently made their way above the rest.

They have successfully implemented platforms such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube to attract customers.

Using social media for brand awareness gives a wide exposure and is cost effective.

Other than that, online presence ensures high conversion rates, brand loyalty with great market insights. Social media is a wonderful platform to stay connected with customers. According to statistics, 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

If you are looking for sales and brand reputation at a low cost, engage in the following 10 social media platforms to give your business a boost:

1. WhatsApp – Created in 2009, WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging application today. With an easy-to-use function which requires almost no training, it has spread increasingly through word-of-mouth. With the strongest reach in India of 96%, WhatsApp is a great tool to promote a brand by sending Whatsapp status.

Colgate has been creative in using this tool. The company printed a phone number on their toothpaste pack and invited people to send their smiling selfies on that number. The selected one could get a chance to be styled by Sonam Kapoor’s stylist!

This cost-effective tool can be used to send Instant messages to the staff and customers. You can provide helpline services, offer consultations, order products or use it as a booking platform. Your creativity coupled with its powerful communication can get you widely popular.

2. Twitter – In the times gone by, birds were used as messengers to carry letters across many places around the world. In today’s time, they tweet!

Just as the chirp of a small, sweet bird can attract our attention, this online news and social networking service can ignite an interest with its messages (limited to 280 characters). These messages, called tweets can be broadcasted by joining a free twitter account. The tweets are followed by receivers once they find it useful or worth engaging.

Advertising on twitter is brief and less interfering. That is the reason this social media giant is liked by a wide range of audience.

‘ZOOM! ZOOM! These tires can even climb stairs’ – This latest tweet on innovation on tyre technology by Futurism has 466K views with an ever increasing popularity.

Spend 5-10 minutes a day regularly on twitter. Post useful tweets and get your brand off to a flying start!

3. Facebook – Instead of finding yourself, create yourself! Facebook is a very popular, free, social networking website which allow users to create their public profiles, send messages (text, audio, and video) and keep in touch with friends, family and others through groups and blogs.

Business experts who have harnessed the power of Networking on Facebook express this age as that of Networked Intelligence. True indeed!

The skill of reaching out and promoting business through Facebook can be acquired with great ease.

World has opened up. With 1 billion active users, people are building up their identity and image on this platform. Since the engagement on Facebook can be deeper and vast, people use this interface to connect and communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Microsoft: 6.2 million Likes, Nike: 22.6 million Likes, Taco Bell: 10.6 million Likes, Aerie: 1.4 million Likes. Haven’t these companies conquered the social media? They have found their goldmine!

4. LinkedIn – If you want professional networking services, create a profile on LinkedIn and connect with a vast online social network. With over 350 million users across the world, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to interact with other professionals, publish content and seek referrals, thereby creating an impactful online presence.

LinkedIn works as an unconventional way of networking where one can showcase the value of a brand and increase sales performance.

5. Pinterest – Great ideas floating all around the world… This platform decided to pin them! A picture is a poem without words and yet it is worth a thousand words. Pinterest uses visual parts of multimedia (images, videos, and gifs) and collect them (Pin) on their related boards. Users can thus make use of the visuals by repining, liking or sharing them.

If a business consistently pins great visuals, it will be discovered, liked and shared, creating a unique image for your brand.

6. Instagram – Instagram is a platform similar to Facebook, but with more simplicity with an emphasis on visual sharing and mobile use. You can set up a business Instagram account and start to promote products with creative and unique Instagram posts that reflect your brand culture.

If your posts are followed and become famous, they can get you with an impact of creating monopoly in the related market.

7. YouTube – This free video-sharing website enables you to view, download and upload videos. Millions of videos are shared here with visitors watching 6 billion hours of video every month.

A recent Bollywood movie ‘Secret Superstar’ shows how a 15 year old girl (in burkha) gets famous when she uploads her video on YouTube.

Such is the power of this platform to promote a brand as it can relate to the people you are watching. YouTube is also the second largest search engine in the world and can generate conversions through videos.

8. Quora – A great platform to share and grow one’s knowledge. Quora bridges the gap between people who need information (on things that affect us) and those who have the answers. In this way, it empowers everybody by providing a Question-Answer service.

Using Quora, you can contribute to any topic or field and build a presence. Or even ask good questions, get creative and search for new ideas to talk about.

9. Google+ – Here is a wonderful medium to make yourself visible to the targeted people at the right time. Register yourself in Google My Business and get connected with the key audience.

If you can provide useful and good content, be prepared! People are waiting to give your brand the authority it needs. Their trust in you will help you gain a good reputation. So Go Google and promote your brand.

10. Yelp – Businesses are continually assessed by their customers and Yelp provides a platform to write reviews of the services experienced by people.

This social review site can help you attract new customers by showing that you care. Create a strong profile, watch the feedback and ratings, improve where you can and strategies your business and communication.

Your response can go a long way to build up your brand.

CTA (Call to Action), Gif, Viral, Organic, Meme, Boosted……Can you hear these words buzzing around in the world of social media? Convert them into your plan. Capture attention, share stories, create interest, build up value and earn loyalty through these platforms. Use them as vehicles and position yourself for success.


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