8 Popular QA Testing Tools for Every Security Testing Company

March 13, 2018

6:05 am

QA and Security Testing trends do not have an alpha stage, they keep on expanding new solutions to the cyber world in the form of terrific QA Testing Tools and test management software.

The world of cyber disaster is calling the security testing services for help.

While these security testing service providers rely on some of the powerful tools and software to weigh down their burdens and responsibilities to treat a line of products securely.

It is quite troubling to ship a faulty product that can later become an easy target for hackers to misuse the data for their personal profits.

The QA testing and test management tools are basically created to tackle the masterminds that are forming malevolent schemes against the world’s security. But no worries, the QA army in the field has established some massive QA testing tools that own well-structured security models aimed to eradicate the tech-tyrant minds.

We have collected 8 most popular QA Testing Tools that hold a central place in every proactive Software Testing Company:


Kualitee is one of the top runner QA testing tools that have served hundreds of businesses worldwide and delivered maximum security compliance of their products as well. Kualitee has a multitude of resourceful features that are focused to solve any security and QA related quandaries.

The defect management and bug identification are achieved through its information-rich format established on the interactive dashboard. Users can easily recognize anomalies in their test cases through the highly-visual and rich format. While the three integrations, JIRA, Jenkins, and Bitbucket pipelines greatly assist in the custom bug reporting endeavors.

Also, it saves a good length of hours by promoting reusability of bugs and resources without requiring the need for new modules and test cases.

Even when it comes to security testing services, you can rely on Kualitee to help you streamline your entire project and execute every task smoothly.

Here’s the best part: Kualitee is available in both web and mobile! You can easily get maximum done using your smartphone even if you are away from your workplace.


Selenium is the oldest yet the most updated QA and Automation tool that has been serving numerous web applications for a long period of time.  It never disappointed automation and QA testers that usually worked on high-ranking projects and complicated testing trends.

It supports multiple computing environments like Windows, Linux, and Mac and browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Headless browsers, while testers can also write test scripts in various programming languages like Java, Python, Groovy, PHP, C#, Ruby, and Perl with Selenium.

Selenium has always been a convenient and smart choice for CX-oriented businesses and enterprises that perform on various layers of complexity.

Selenium has also been a handy tool used by many for executing their security testing services and hunt down loopholes to eradicate the chances of any security invasion.


Universal Functional Testing (UFT) is a classified tool in QA testing that is created to improve and preserve the functionality of a particular tool. It is one of its own kind of Test Management Software that has abundant features including user-friendly API, web design services, desktop GUI testing, web and mobile app auditing across various interfaces.

Furthermore, the UFT has an image based object identification feature, reusable testing specs, and expert test documentation.

The commercial QA tool accommodates Basic Scripting Edition to record or log in testing projects and other related controls. Also, it is interlinked with Mercury Quality Center and Mercury Business Process Testing. It significantly integrates with Automation and CI tools like Jenkin.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a robust QA framework for web and mobile applications that get treated with security testing services. It is created on functional baselines of Selenium and Appium that boost the test automation to improve both product security and development.

This QA testing tool is a sufficient delivery of services for both amateur and experienced testers. Inexperienced testers can begin the security testing, recording and writing test scripts with Object Spy Tool. While the professional IT experts can create multiple test case libraries and manage them at the same hour.

The Katalon Analytics provides users with instant insights and ideas about the text execution status while its integration with CI/CD tools like GitHub, qTest, JIRA, and Jenkins manageably maintain the scrum workflow.


Watir actually pronounced “water,” is a highly resourceful tool in the QA field that lets the testers dig out bugs and test them in any language-based applications, specifically Ruby libraries.

The test management software provides assistance in cross-browser testing on various browsers i.e., Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Headless browsers.

Watir also supports input-driven and data-based testing strategies and integrates with BBD tools like Cucumber, RSpec, and Test/Unit.


TestComplete is another spectacular QA testing tool that serves both web and mobile applications testing. The testing tool helps testers to script tests in several programming languages like C#, VBScript, JavaScript, and Python.

Testers can perform controllable data-driven and keyword provided testing with TestComplete. It also supports reusability by providing a light record and playback feature.

Testers can easily recognize UI objects and improve the overall interface functionality with its object sensing capability. The earlier UI object recognition lets the testers focus more on the key responsibilities and provide better results in the end.

Moreover, in the CI/CD processes, TestComplete greatly combines with third-party integrations like Jenkins.

TestPlant eggPlant

TestPlant eggplant is another QA bound testing tool that deals with the automated problem recognition in a particular product. It is a bit different from other testing tools as it helps testers view the product from the users’ eyes as well as interpret the test structure from the hacker’s mind. This mechanism allows the amateur testers work more empirically and intuitively.

TestPlant eggplant delivers outpacing support for mobile and web versions as well as the POS systems.

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca is a proficient testing tool that fits best with the DevOps and Agile based companies trying to create strong security pillars. It provides a vast continuous testing feature set including dashboards, analytics, and other relevant integrations. Using Tricentis Tosca, testers can reuse the bugs and test cases to save time, cost, and effort.

Now you have a list of most favorite QA testing and test management software apps. Choose wisely and good luck!

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