A Career Guide to Becoming a Computer Programmer or Engineer

December 15, 2014

4:30 pm

In a recent ranking of the highest-paying starting salaries per college major, lines of study connected to engineering or computing dominated most of the top spots. While this information is certainly useful for those wanting to get into some pretty lucrative fields post-college, it’s not particularly helpful for anyone whose considerations include whether they have the kind of prerequisite skillsets or mindframes that work best in these career paths. LearnHowToBecome, the organization that helps students and other aspiring professionals learn the basics of what it takes to pursue certain careers, has created how-to guides on becoming a computer programmer as well as on becoming a computer engineer – perfect for students currently in the process of applying to colleges.

We all know that there’s isn’t just one straightforward path into and through any one career; no matter what job that you have now, I’m sure that your path into that career differs from the ways through which your colleagues landed themselves in that same job. The guys over at LearnHowToBecome know this and have put together guides for many different careers to support people in finding their dream jobs. Whether it’s pinning down the right school to attend or determining which cities offer the best opportunities, the organization guides are comprehensive and are provided free of charge to anyone.

LearnHowToBecome computer programming salary comparison tool
The salary comparison tool is just one of several tools that you can use on LearnHowToBecome’s guides for computer programming and computer engineering (via LearnHowToBecome).

The guides for computer programming and computer engineering provide helpful tools for people to determine whether a career path is right for them, and to find the necessary resources and information that can help them get to where they need to be. Each of these guides provides an overview of the requirements necessary for pursuing careers in computer science fields. For prospective college students, there’s a super helpful search tool that allows you to search for computer programming or computer engineering programs offered at specific schools. And for anyone looking to get into the field, there are widgets that allow you to compare salaries for jobs between cities and what the estimated job growth will look like for computer programming or computer engineering will look like in the next ten years.

Explore the guides by LearnHowToBe:

How to Become a Computer Programmer

How to Become a Computer Engineer

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