A Closer Look at Our Southern Region 2015 Startup of The Year Semifinalists

October 4, 2015

4:00 pm

For the past nine months, we’ve been looking high and low for the world’s best start-ups. If you’ve been following the competition closely, the wait is over. On Monday, October 5th we’ll host 52 of the world’s best startups for our semi-finalists showcase. Then on Tuesday, October 6th, we’ll announce the Tech.co Startup of the Year. If you want to catch up, take a closer look at a few of our semifinalists from the Southern region, then see them in person at Celebrate 2015 tomorrow for our Startup of the Year Semi-Finalist showcase.

Little Rock, AR

bfonics, Inc.

bfonics is a proximity marketing solution that allows retailers leverage iBeacon technology from Apple to engage with customers both in-store and in real-time. Fun fact: bfonics’ founders work on different sides of the globe, and a couple of them have yet to meet!


If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the headache of being separated from your luggage. Passenger Baggage Xpress (PBX) created a solution for travelers with an electronic tagging system for checked bags. Each tag has its own unique ID number that helps locate the bag, and the airline or airport will be able you push notifications, text messages, or emails, to help reunite you with your bag quickly.

Tampa Bay, FL


Shark Tank alum ViralStyle allows users to create and sell their own custom apparel for free and ups the game with analytics capability and coupon codes. In their beta mode, ViralStyle amassed an impressive 250,000 customers and eight figures in revenue.


CitySleekers offers personal, eco-friendly car wash. For $25 the company will come to where you live and use a waterless, environment friendly solution that promises no mess and a streakless clean.

Dallas, TX


A startup of the year Reader’s Choice, HedgeChatter processes conversations and trends in finance across social networks, and includes a dashboard that uses predictive analytics to determine intent across hundreds of thousands of traders instantly.


HipPocket is a private social network for licensed Realtors. Realtors have the ability to view all pocket listings, list theirs, and orchestrate deals all within the app.



Another Readers’ Choice, Ncrease is a social media analytics solution that specializes in customer segmentation and user behavior. The solution taps into data available via social credentials, providing real-time insights


GemPhones are flashy and fashionable jewelry earphones that provide the perfect balance between fashion and technology. Users can choose between, silver, gold, wood, pearl, black matte, and more


6Figure is an online curation tool that empowers professional women by locating the most appropriate clothing for their work lives.

Miami, FL


Tracks is an iOS app that makes video messaging more like talking face-to-face by recording your immediate and authentic reaction and response each time you open a video. In this way, Tracks enables continuous, face-to-face conversations—on your time. Tracks began as a brainstorm idea that the co-founders originally wrote on a napkin.


YouRoam allows users to accept calls to your original number with no roaming charges. You can also call any phone in the world, even if the person you are calling doesn’t have the app or a smartphone.

Online – Austin


Take a peek into the portfolios of investors with Peeptrade, a (for now) invitation-only app that allow “Peepers” exclusive access into the portfolios of “Gurus,” successful investors that agree to have their portfolio information shared on the app.

Xyber Technologies

An international team with expertise in material science, electrical engineering, IT hardware development, and data center design, Xyber Technologies came together to invent the ultimate data center cooling platform, one that does not require fans, liquid cooling or oil submersion.

Image credit: Flickr: Falqa Khan

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