A Day of Mobile Chicago Recap

March 19, 2010

9:35 pm

Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Barbara M., B2C marketer, 10 years agency experience in interactive, experiential, and mobile.

As a marketer, I attended the Day of Mobile in Chicago, Illinois to learn, listen and observe.  I wanted to hear first-hand the conversations taking place – where the technology is heading; new integrations and workarounds; and the types of challenges developers are facing.  Day of Mobile provided me with the information I was looking for as well as an insight that was a consistent theme throughout the sessions I attended and best stated by Chris Grove, CTO of KeyLimeTie:

“The goal is to reach a market, not develop an App.”

A valuable thought, and when as a marketer or a developer you move forward with that insight, the product can be a successful iPhone Application for Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” iPhone App which KeyLimeTie recently developed.

The message of developing campaigns that focus on the end user is something that marketers address every day.  Questions of who we are trying to reach and connect with; the engagement goals;  and measurement are posed daily for a marketer and as it turns out if we take the time to collaborate more, questions a developer must answer as well.  The Vibes Media presentation conducted by Rishi Bhatia discussing the relevance of the different mobile marketing channels was a great foundation for an analysis of the mobile tactics and applications proposed for client campaigns.  If Smartphone users only make up only 14% of the mobile phone market, does it make sense to launch an App within a demographic that has low Smartphone adoption or would an SMS channel or WAP site reach a higher number of consumers?  Is it imperative to have an iPhone or Android App to show presence and innovation in a rapidly growing space?

My takeaway from Day of Mobile is a broader and deeper understanding on multi-platform applications, enterprise focused mobile applications to explore and a new lens by which to view digital solutions – use, needs, and maximizing the digital experience.

I look forward to a continued dialogue between marketers and developers, the collaboration will yield more innovative, insightful and impactful mobile applications and tactics.  Perhaps a Hackathon pairing a marketer and a developer could be in the future.

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