Acceleprise Showcases Its Third Class

September 13, 2013

3:07 pm

Last night, DC’s young enterprise startup accelerator, Acceleprise, showcased their third class in front of potential mentors, investors, and customers.

Held at the iStrategyLabs offices at Dupont Circle, the event was a temporary refuge for those wanting to escape the thunderstorm blitz that hit this peaceful, little town (little enough to be considered a town? No?).

The event started off with a brief introduction from Acceleprise Managing Partner, Sean Glass, on its third class. Particularly, he noted the successes the companies have already made and the potential for growth of each, considering the evolving societal ethos surrounding such things like online security and social media.

Indeed, the nine companies that presented at last night’s demo represented enterprise software that aims to help on such issues, all having arisen as a result of the rapid adoption of online solutions to organizational needs.

“As an ethical hacker, I thought it was my duty to help companies learn more about [how these security issues arise],” says Apozy CEO and Founder, Rick Deacon.

Apozy utilizes gamification to recommend the best security policies to pursue for an organization. Their technology exposes potential weaknesses in a company’s security system by analyzing the data collected from a security training game that employees play.

Aprefis cofounder and Product Manager, Lavinius Marcu, talks about the complexities of pricing.

Aprefis provides real-time price recommendations for organizations, ensuring that they maximize their revenue from the market. They basically deal with all of the pricing science and analytics – all of which can be a complicated process. The company recently received Pullmatur Cruises as its first customer.

Brian Johnson, CEO and cofounder of DivvyCloud, talks about the state of the Cloud services industry.

DivvyCloud aims to help organizations manage, track and provision its cloud-based technologies. Their service aims to increase stability, reduce cost, and decrease the complexity associated with managing a company’s cloud-based IT infrastructure. Their clients currently include, EA, GoPopTV, and ZeniMax.

“Job seekers don’t want to waste time on credentials and training that might get them a job; rather, they want [training or education] that is guaranteed,” says WorkAmerica President and cofounder, Michael Colonnese.

WorkAmerica works with organizations to develop and implement customized workforce retraining programs that are tied to guaranteed jobs. This means that people will be trained to fulfill a company’s actual needs.

Luis Derechin, PointWorthy’s cofounder, talks about the $16B in unredeemed loyalty points, each year, that could be put to good use.

PointWorthy aims to help socially-conscious companies to provide their customers with the ability to donate loyalty or rewards points to their preferred nonprofits and charities. It does this by converting those points into cash for these charities. The company will go live in November through an agreement with CitiBank.

Ross Geesman, LiveRe’s Business Development Manager, talks about digital marketing trends.

LiveRe allows organizations to create more engaging social experiences on their websites for their users. LiveRe’s tools allow site users to interact with myriad social widgets, including comments, reviews, polls, and media uploads, all while providing companies with helpful insights and data on users. Despite bootstrapping, the company collected $1M in revenue last year.

HelpJuice’s eccentric founder, Emil Hajric, mentions the company’s successes, which include having tripled their revenue and being featured in Forbes.

Helpjuice offers organizations with the opportunity to improve their customer support services by offering a knowledge-based tool that aims to significantly reduce a company’s incoming support correspondence. Through the service’s knowledge base, customers are able to get instant responses or answers to their questions without the need to call or email for support.

“Social media, in the next few years, is only going to increase in volume; don’t miss out on an opportunity to act,” says Encore cofounder and CEO, James Li.

Encore provides real-time, actionable insights to organizations, giving them the tools to effectively collect, manage, and repurpose customer-generated social content. Their technology allows companies to identify key mentions and trends from its social media – in real-time – and helps them act on such interactions immediately.

ResolutionTube founder and CEO, Arnav Anand, talks about the efficiency with which troubleshooting solutions are delivered through its platform.

ResolutionTube provides organizations with a platform that aims to disrupt the current state of telephonic customer service communications. Utilizing real-time video communication and augmented reality technology, the company’s tool captures relevant contextual information and then provides troubleshooting tools in the form of video and text information.

After the demos, the rest of the night was designated for networking and overall socializing. Because I am neither an investor nor see myself as a potential mentor, I sat in the corner and read “Dune.” Just kidding…maybe. Do check out each of these startups, though, as they’re all seeking potential investors and customers.


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