Check Out This Yelp for Accelerators Before Submitting That Application

February 10, 2015

6:30 pm

In case you missed it, at the end of 2014 we published our City Accelerator Report, which looked at how certain accelerators have impacted the growth of startup ecosystems from Austin, TX and Detroit, MI, to St. Louis, MO and Pittsburgh, PA. In it, we provided valuable information on the various accelerators and other startup resources to which companies have access. If, however, you’re planning on applying to a accelerator not listed in the guide, maybe consider checking out, a new website that offers accelerator reviews from past participants of major accelerators like 500 Startups or Y Combinator. was first posted yesterday to Reddit’s r/startups and has since become a top post on the subreddit. Claiming to be a “Yelp for accelerators”, the site aims to provide startup founders with essential information and advice on various accelerators, helping them to make the best decision when applying. Reddit user fourthaccountreally, the designer of the new resource, writes:

“When I was applying to accelerators some months ago I wasn’t really sure which ones to apply to because there were so many of them but so little transparency about how valuable they really are. We all know Y Combinator is good, but how about all those others out there?”



The website is an easy-to-read, one-stop guide for anyone thinking about applying to an accelerator. lists the basics on each accelerator, such as next application due date; amount of funding given to each accepted startup; percentage of equity taken; the duration of each program; and the average amount of follow-up funding after the accelerator has run its course. More importantly, though, it hopes to make founders make the best decisions by offering accelerator reviews provided by past participants from each accelerator. Considering that the site is still brand new, there are currently only a little more than 100 reviews on 20 of the listed accelerators on

According to the creator of the site, he’s currently working on collecting more input from past participants of the listed accelerators, as well as expanding that list of accelerators. With the hope of compiling both positive and negative accelerator reviews, aims to provide the top resource for startup founders considering participation in a specific program.

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