Atlas Allows You to Access Your Digital Memories

April 30, 2017

12:45 pm

What is a digital memory? Everyone’s experienced that moment when you know you saw(a file, a picture, or an article)somewhere, but you just can’t quite pinpoint where or how to find it. If only that moment was uncommon. Unfortunately, it is likely a regular occurrence for anyone that is on the internet for more than an hour a day. Fortunately, one company is tackling this problem head on.

Atlas has made capturing your digital memories across all devices, with no tie in to an OS. I was a little pessimistic. I needed proof that this platform could really track it all, so I sat down with their biggest fan (Buzz) and one of their leadership team members (Travis) to see how it really works in helping you find your digital memories.

I did a count of the number of services I had reviewed in the past 6 months, the answer was 137 and whilst lots of them were really solid ideas, and some are destined for unicorn type growth, I couldn’t find one solving such a big problem in such an awesome way as Atlas.

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