Ace your College Term Paper Using These Android Apps

January 10, 2015

8:00 pm

If you are a college student with no intentions of becoming a writer in the future, then composing a term paper can be a nightmare. Even if you do follow the best practices of developing and writing a good essay, it would still take you time to get used to the process.

However, thanks to the Android phone, you may be able to make writing term papers much easier. By using the best available apps on Google Play, you will be able to compile all your ideas from your phone and write the essay on the go whenever and wherever.

This helps you cut down time from the writing process and help you finish your paper earlier than expected. With the extra time on your hands, you can review and edit your essay to ensure that you submit an A+ paper.

Below are some of the best apps you can download on your Android phone to help you make the best essay you can.


This app is one of the best for increasing productivity in your essay writing. You can compile ideas about your term paper using the text and voice memo features. If you can use something that you saw as an idea for your essay, you can take a photo of it and turn the image into a Note. The app saves the created Notes inside a dedicated Notebook to help you organize your ideas even further.

Once you’re ready to write your essay, you can sync the notes from the Evernote app in your phone to the Evernote installed in your desktop. This way, you can just refer to the notes you created on your Evernote app to the one on your computer.


There will be times when you’re ready to write your essay but your laptop’s battery has run out and you forgot your charger. Maybe you got caught in a rut and are unable to get back home on time to use the desktop.

Instead of wasting precious time by not writing, you can begin composing the term paper on your phone.

Evernote’s text memo feature allows you to write your essay and recover the file to your desktop once you’ve synced it with your phone, but if you’re not comfortable using Evernote and want more features from your text editor to aid you in your writing, then Jotterpad is for you.

Like Evernote, this app is used to list down your ideas in text format, either in .txt or .md file. However, what separates Jotterpad from other note-taking apps is its interface. The clear, white background makes it much easier for you to focus writing your essay. The app also has the thesaurus and dictionary feature to help you find the words you need to use.


This web-based app helps you edit your essay by analyzing the different elements of your writing. Once you’ve copied and pasted your essay on Hemingway, it informs you on how “readable” the essay is (based on grade level). It also highlights hard-to-read sentences, passive voices, complicated words, and adverbs found in the essay.

From here, you can correct the poor writing habits committed for you to submit an optimized and well-written essay.


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