Instagram and Snapchat Users Like Bernie Sanders Better Than Hillary Clinton

November 11, 2015

8:00 am

The last presidential election was in 2012, and while it really wasn’t that long ago you can’t ignore how far technology has come since then. Case in point: the majority of the world’s data has only been created in the last few years.

Given that, imagine how much the world of tech and data might affect the future of presidential elections. At the very least, it can give us a better look at voter engagement and activity.

There’s a startup company, Action Committee, which connects influencers with nonprofits and political campaigns to help provide this angle. In fact, they recently teamed up with Survata to conduct a monthly survey to find out how Snapchat and Instagram users might vote in the Democratic primaries in 2016: that’s something we probably wouldn’t have been able to do as well or as accurately in 2012.

“Action Committee partnered with Survata to run a monthly survey to follow how users of Snapchat and Instagram will vote in the 2016 Presidential Democratic primary,” says Action Committee cofounder Chris Barrett. “Our October survey was taken after the first Democratic debate, the results show that Senator Bernie Sanders has a clear and commanding lead with Democratic voters nationally with a 13.1 point lead on Instagram and a 27 point lead on Snapchat.”

To evaluate this data, Action Committee polled 1,516 respondents with a survey. First off, they asked if users considered themselves to be Democrats. If the answer was a ‘yes’, then the survey asked if they used social networking platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, and if so which candidate they would vote for.

Overall, the results from the October survey, taken from October 21 to 24, show that Bernie Sanders has a lead over Hillary Clinton with Snapchat, and Instagram users. Here’s the specific breakdown, the margin of error was 2.5 percent at a 95 percent confidence level:

Instagram Results:

  • Sanders:  41.7%
  • Clinton, 28.6%
  • No Opinion 23.8%
  • O’Malley 3.6%
  • Chaffee 1.2%
  • Lessig 1.2%

Snapchat Results:

  • Sanders 54%
  • Clinton 27%
  • No Opinon 11.1%
  • O’Malley 6.3%
  • Chaffee 1.6
  • Lessig 0%

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