4 Ad Tech Trends You Need to Pay Attention to in 2016

January 20, 2016

7:00 pm

Don’t let advertising trends sneak up on you and catch your campaign off guard. Stay ahead of the curve by paying attention to these four ad tech trends expected to be prevalent in 2016. Whether you’re running a pay per call campaign, pay per click campaign, or both, these trends will have an impact on the success of your campaign.

Cross-Device Tracking and Targeting

Today’s consumers use multiple devices 24/7 to surf the web, check social media, and order products. If you want to capture their attention, you better be employing cross-device tracking and targeting.

Cross-device tracking and targeting provides consumers with consistent content and branding as they move from device to device. Nothing is lost in translation when advertisers optimize for each platform. Desktop banner ads become mobile-friendly ads on smartphone browsers. Likewise, a mobile call extension in a smartphone ad disappears in a desktop ad.

This year, advertisers will continue to adapt content and drop little breadcrumb reminders across all devices until consumers bite.  


Consumers expect advertisers to know their every want and need, but not be creepy about it. After all, wouldn’t you feel weirded out, too, if you got a Starbucks ad five-minutes after you went through their drive-thru? Advertisers must walk a fine line, engaging the consumer without knowing too much about them.

With hyper-personalization, it’s all about timing and relevancy, delivering ads at the right time in the buyer’s journey. In order to do that, advertisers will be using data management companies to gather info to deliver the right content at the right time. And hopefully, consumers will welcome it.  

Relevant Ads

On average, 86 percent of the time on your mobile device is spent in an app, which means consumers are watching a lot of in-app video ads; however, not all of them are relevant.

Let’s say you’re playing Clash of Clans, and an in-app video ad for Katy Perry Pop plays. Naturally you’re irritated because it’s a completely different genre. However, if an ad for Clash of  Clans 2 played, you probably wouldn’t mind. And the likelihood of you purchasing that game would be higher, too.

Relevant ads are less intrusive and have a higher conversion rate, and they also play into consumers’ need for hyper-personalization. Expect to see more relevant ads in the coming year.

Ad Blockers

While the ad blocker hype will die down, that doesn’t mean they’re going away. Consumers are now hypersensitive to ad blockers, so the key is to get consumers not to use them.    

In 2016, advertisers will focus on the user experience. Balancing content and ad will prevent consumers from getting distracted. And by developing ads that load quickly, advertisers will keep consumers from getting too annoyed. This year, dispelling the consumer’s hatred for ads will be half the battle.   

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Eli Martin is the director of sales at the Delaware-based small business, eZanga.com, a digital-marketing firm that helps companies grow their businesses through pay-per-click and cost-per-call advertising.

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