Adam Kramer Makes a Big Move to Switch SUPERNAP

December 20, 2013

8:06 pm

My dad has two quintessentially dad-like phrases that he loved to tell me growing up. The first: “take tarts when tarts are passed.” The second was more of a gesture; he would knock on the table, a wall, or your head and say, “Hear that? It’s opportunity.” Regardless, he was telling me that when a once in a lifetime opportunity comes around, you had better seize it.

When Adam Kramer saw an opportunity to move from the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce to Switch SUPERNAP, he did just that. And you can’t blame him for wanting to make the move either.

Switch SUPERNAP was founded on the basis of a mission set forth by Rob Roy: become the world’s most powerful independent data ecosystem. Not only did Rob Roy achieve that mission, he also founded the Rob Roy inNEVation Center as a contribution back to the state of Nevada.

The inNEVation Center is where Kramer is headed and he is destined to do great things. We were able to catch up with him and learn just how important this opportunity is for him.

Tech Cocktail: What is your official new title at the inNEVation Center?

Adam Kramer: The VP of inNEVation and Chief of Staff for the Nevada Board at Switch. I’ll help bring together key stakeholders and move the entire state of Nevada forward.

Tech Cocktail: What was it that drew you to this offer?

Kramer: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and what draws me to Switch and the inNEVation Center is what draws everyone to it: excellence and perfection. But it’s also about the people.

The team that works here is just as cool and smart as the data centers themselves. And being able to work for Rob Roy, who built the most successful startup in Nevada, is just incredible.

Tech Cocktail: On a personal level, what does this move mean for you?

Kramer: Let me first say that the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce was an incredible opportunity and really allowed me to explore my passion on entrepreneurial community development.

Being able to join Switch and be a part of the inNEVation Center and forward thinking will provide a new perspective on how to think and how to be a better leader.

Tech Cocktail: How does Switch fit in with the revitalization in Las Vegas?

Kramer: Rob Roy is extraordinary in the areas of invention, problem-solving, vision, and packaging. Switch and its creator’s ability to see what isn’t working and having the power to orchestrate solutions will be one of the greatest supports any community in any economic situation could ever see. I am extremely excited about what we will create as a team. Add this stellar company to the other visionaries that believe that the time is now, we got this.

Tech Cocktail: What are you most excited about?

Kramer: I’m most excited to help change Nevada. Honestly, that’s my passion and it’s what I live for, and it’s a two-sided front. On one side we’re helping to build the greatest data ecosystem, which is cool because that’ll be in Nevada and will fundamentally change the conversation about the state. On the other side, we are embarking on a mission to be a collaboration nation with the inNEVation Center, which further moves the conversation forward.

If you ask my wife she’ll tell you that’s the reason I get out of bed every morning. I love it.


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