Can More Tech Boost Your Productivity?

July 3, 2017

3:50 pm

How many devices do you own and what effect does it have on your productivity? Have you ever wondered about that tablet you bought on a whim that is lying in a corner collecting dust? Fear not my friend, you are not alone. Increasing numbers of people around the world are buying more and more tech. More often than not, a lot of it is bought on the premise of boosting productivity.

But is it really so? Can more tech really increase your productivity? Let’s delve a little deeper and try to answer this age old question.

Compartmentalization of Tasks

If you rely on a separate device for email, video editing, and gaming, it can often be beneficial. For example, every time you want to game, you have to fire up your console. You have to make a conscious effort to do that and instead of wasting time playing a game on your primary machine you end up working better on it.

If you have different devices for different tasks, you’ll likely enjoy better output. For instance, if you use Facebook for official communication, you likely end up browsing your own newsfeed rather than getting work done. But if you use something like Skype to do the same, you won’t get distracted as much.

Decrease in Cost; Increase in Junk

Let’s talk about Metcalfe’s law. It states that the value of a network increases with the square number of users. If you have thousands of mobile phones working independently, then they’re good. But if all are interlinked through something like Internet, then it’s excellent. Because each and every device is now connected, we often have too much junk to process. This is the dark side of Metcalfe’s law.

As the cost of communication has come down, it has become very easy to contact anyone in the world. Instant messaging, email, Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp; the whole lot of them. You can even download apps for free these days using something like Tutuapp. Subsequently, the amount of junk has increased by magnanimous proportions.

Loss of Focus

As the amount of tech that you have to deal with increases, users tend to lose focus. Instead of focusing on the work in front of you, you are pulled into the loud cacophony of social apps on your phone. And by the time you realize what happened, the day is finished.

This is one of the dark aspects of having more tech in your life. Sometimes having a single device for work and keeping other tech at bay helps to get more work done in short spans of time.

The Solution

The solution is to document change for each new piece of tech or software that’s incorporated in your workflow. They should be thoroughly inspected for their overall impact. Does buying a new tablet lessen the amount of time you need to reply to your mails while on your daily commute to work? If yes, then buy it.

Same would apply for every piece of tech that you wish to add to your workplace or personal life to increase efficiency. By keeping an eye on what you’re doing, you’ll be able to more effective measure whether technology is hindering or improving your productivity.

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