Admobilize’s platform connects outdoor advertising to smart data grid

February 5, 2014

6:00 pm

One day Rodolfo Saccoman asked himself: what if people who wear logo t-shirts or put bumper stickers of brands on their cars got paid instead of advertising brands for free? Since then, he has been working to turn people’s love of brands into cash in their pocket with AdMobilize.

A self-described Robin Hood of advertising, Saccoman founded AdMobilize to change the rules of the game. This platform invites regular people to sign up, pick brands they want to advertise, and then use car signage or download an iPad application to display ads on the tablet while they are out and about. Members get paid at the end of each month – $100 on average – according to how many advertising impressions they generated.

What truly distinguishes AdMobilize is its patented AdBeacon and Pay-per-Look technology. The AdBeacon connects offline, outdoor advertising to a smart digital network that delivers metrics in real-time. Their Pay-per-Look technology works with the AdBeacon and the iPad. It detects how many faces actually look at an ad and integrates the data into the real-time analytics available to advertisers.

A winner from the TV show Shark Tank’s first season, Saccoman is no stranger to tech entrepreneurship. He developed AdMobilize’s technologies with the support of Rokk3r Labs and the help of a talented team that includes serial entrepreneurs, technologists from MIT, and Dr. Mok Oh, former Chief Scientist at PayPal.

AdMobilize already has over 1,500 members in the U.S., and Saccoman is already working to expand globally. He is in conversations with an organization in the UK, and is looking for more opportunities in Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

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Ezequiel is an entrepreneur with a fascination for the intersection of business, design anthropology, and technology. Before moving to Miami, Ezequiel worked for two Mayors in Washington, D.C. and consulted for public and nonprofit organizations. He received an MBA from American University and a BA in Anthropology from New College of Florida.

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