Adproval Aims to Revitalize Advertising by Working with Bloggers

November 20, 2012

2:00 pm

“The current display ad market is oversaturated and losing effectiveness.“ -Matthew Anderson, CEO of Adproval

Ad networks were originally built in order to easily coordinate the flow between publishers and advertisers. As advertisers are looking to target more niche environments and tap into the power of bloggers, they are beginning to form relationships with bloggers. On the other hand, bloggers are increasingly interested in monetizing their efforts in a way that still matches the style and messaging of their blog. In comes Adproval, the site that allows bloggers to easily sell their ad space and other sponsorships directly to advertisers through an approval process. Approved ads are automatically placed on their blogs, and payment is automatically transferred for them.

As an advertiser myself, I am fascinated by the possibility of developing relationships with bloggers at scale. By building relationships with bloggers and getting their approval, advertisers can get an organic endorsement from the blogger in creative ways. Bundling a display ad along with a featured post, product review, and/or social media shoutouts from the blogger is a unique way for an advertiser’s story to be told.

Below, Anderson explains how Adproval works with bloggers and advertisers:

Tech Cocktail: What problem do you think you are solving for advertisers?

Matthew Anderson: We make display ads more effective by giving them a voice. Half of display ad consumers say they have learned to ignore static ad images. Consumers want to be told a story by the ads they come in contact with, and bloggers have the unique ability to provide a story to display ads to support an advertiser far beyond what a standalone display ad can. Furthermore, partnering with niche bloggers allows advertisers a cost-effective and personal way to reach their target market.

Tech Cocktail: What is your biggest obstacle to gain traction from bloggers and advertisers?

Anderson: Our biggest obstacle will be collecting and relaying the data that proves just how much more valuable advertising directly on blogs willing to support an advertiser is than current online advertising options. The current display ad market is oversaturated and losing effectiveness. More obtrusive pop-open ads are not the answer. Private media buyers have discovered this and are exploring the power of advertising directly on blogs. We are excited to share the data that demonstrates the power of a blogger using their full potential to support an advertiser.

Adproval was a showcased startup at the Tech Cocktail Bloomington mixer in September. 

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