Advertise to a Student Audience with College Press Club

August 24, 2014

10:00 am

Wishing there was a way to lower your advertising costs and connect with young potential customers at the same time? Thanks to Boulder-based startup College Press Club, there now is.

College Press Club connects college newspaper publishers with advertisers. Instead of calling each publication individually, or hiring a costly broker to make the connections, advertisers can use the College Press Club platform to place ads directly in college/university publications. College Press Club’s fee is 2.5% on local ads and 10% on national ads.

Founded by former student journalists Alex Kronman (CEO) and Joel Leger (CTO), College Press Club is a recent graduate of Boulder’s Boomtown Accelerator program.

With the potential to reach 20+ million students, College Press Club offers advertisers access to college-based print publications at a significantly lower cost than traditional print media. The College Press Club platform lets advertisers place ads (weekly/monthly/yearly), receive verification of completed ad placements, and process payments, too. Advertisers can search for college publications based upon location and receive digital tear sheets, invoices, and campaign reports. College Press Club’s Kronman estimates the “college newspaper advertising market to be worth $2 billion and the overall college advertising market to be worth $5 billion.”

College newspapers using the College Press Club platform can manage their advertising calender online, streamline ad placement procedures for local and national sponsors, and track revenues on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. By facilitating advertising connections and streamlining the process, College Press Club’s platform can significantly increase the revenues a college newspaper generates. Increased profits can mean more revenue for student journalists and more coverage for topics of interest to students and faculty.

Competitors in the college advertising space include MediaMate, re:fuel, and Campus Media Group. If you are looking for a way to potentially lower your advertising costs, connect with a younger customer base, or even increase revenues for your old alma mater, College Press Club might be worth investigating further.

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