Shradha Agarwal Talks Proactive Healthcare at Innovate! and Celebrate

September 6, 2016

1:30 pm

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If you’ve ever been to the doctor – and let’s hope you have – you understand that the process is a bit chaotic. Between long-waits and short visit times, a trip to your local physician could be creating more questions than answers. Fortunately, Shradha Agarwal is taking on the healthcare industry in hopes of changing the way we get healthy. And she’s going to be a speaker at Innovate! and Celebrate later this month.

Agarwal is the cofounder and president of ContextMediaa healthcare media company that delivers education and innovation to as many patients as possible. From educational modules to health-focused content, this company has made a huge impact on more than 30 million patients in their short tenure. The idea arose when she realized that the time spent in doctor’s offices was not even remotely related to the amount of information they gleaned from the trip.

“When we started talking to other physicians, we recognized that it really was people falling into different groups,” said Agarwal in an interview with Mixergy. “Some would make the patients wait long, but take the time to walk through everything with the patient, and some felt that it’s not right to make the patients wait, so they felt very restrained by time, and they would have about a 10-15 minute visit with the patient, and there still was wait time. Shorter wait times, but they didn’t always get to explore parts of the conditional management that they wished that they did.”

As a native of Chicago, Agarwal has done a lot to bolster the Windy City’s startup ecosystem. She is adamantly invested in the venture philanthropy model for scaling nonprofit solutions through SVP Chicago and The Chicago Public Education Fund. She even serves on the boards of OneGoal and Chicago Children’s Choir. She spiritedly supports youth education, women leadership, and civic engagement, and, quite frankly, she loves the city for its entrepreneurial spirit.

“There’s a desire to learn, grow and contribute to something new,” she said in an interview with Chicago Inno.

Agarwal’s accolades are much more impressive than simply reshaping the healthcare industry. Between making the Crain’s “40 Under 40” list, being an avid mentor for Chicago entrepreneurs, and starting her first business at the age of nine, she will no doubt be a staple of the entrepreneur community for the foreseeable future.

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