AI, UE, and 3D: How the Technology Industry Grew in 2016

September 28, 2016

9:00 pm

In the current digital world, technology is a sophisticated and an overly vital tool. Technology has changed year after year, which has benefited mega organizations as well as individuals.

One of the reasons for the advancement in the tech-world? Technology is used in every industry in the modern economy. Here are some of the major tech trends we’ve seen so far in 2016.

1. More Streaming Services

This is one of the top technological jumpstarts this year: Viewers are enjoying the rise of streaming services at the expense of the satellite and cable companies.

Over the past few years, the network television has been replaced by satellite and cable TV. Conversely, many viewers are now abandoning the satellite and cable subscriptions for a more reliable and affordable option, the streaming service.

Brands like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, and Netflix offer streaming services to viewers and newer streaming services have been starting to roll out. With their streaming options being a top consideration for many viewers, other satellite and cable TV companies are adapting the services so as to survive and avoid further losses.

2. Advanced 3D Printing

We’ve seen an advancement in the 3D printing materials, which are used to better the service delivery of the users. Such materials as conductive ink, carbon fiber, superior nickel alloy, electronics, glass, and other biological supplies are used for practical applications.

These materials pop up in various fields like the military, automotive, medical, and aerospace fields. The new technological advancements have made it easier to blend various materials along with the regular 3D printing all at once.

For instance, biological 3D printing allows doctors to print organs and skins, which is used to add realism and make their study more practical to the student. The only challenge here is that the 3D printing devices need a well-trained handler.

3. Ambient/Flexible User Experience

With various technological devices used in different fields, it is vital to have a reliable user experience. That is why the digital equipment and platforms have been coordinated into an ambient and uninterrupted experience for the sake of the user.

This polished experience incorporates electronic, physical, and virtual environment. Also, it manipulates the instantaneous contextual info as the user changes the environment. It has been designed to adjust according to the ambient environment.

The AutoDesk industry report also shows that industries in the field of entertainment, visual effect, animation, and game development have been increasing their research and development budget every year to develop better user experiences.

4. Enhanced Digital Payment Technology

Since financial management is a sensitive topic, especially in this harsh economy, technology is making it easier for users to handle their finances over the internet. Top companies are switching to the online payment options, forcing the financial advisers to follow the trend so as to cater to their clients.

Various digital payment services are emerging, and consumers are more enlightened on how to handle them. For instance, business persons are using Bitcoin, Android Pay, and Apple Pay to handle their transactions. With these services, retailers are also establishing capital investments that incorporate with such digital payment technology.

5. Adaptive Security Architecture

Cybercrime has been a major challenge in many organizations. The major contributor of this challenge is the algorithmic economy, along with the digital business densities. More hackers have emerged, so IT experts are focusing on techniques that allow them to detect and act quickly on threats.

One way that the IT leaders use to establish a hacker-curbing plan that applies current and regular blocking techniques, as well as other methods that prevent any future attacks.

With an adaptive security, it utilizes the predictive analytics that knows the vulnerable areas of attacks in an organization or system. This way, companies will exploit the cloud-based services and also open Application Program Interfaces, APIs, for partners and customers to incorporate easily into their systems.

6. More Smart PAs

Even though virtual personal assistants have been around for a while, technological companies are digging deep to deliver the best services to the clients.

For instance, Cortana of Windows 10 is available on laptops and desktops, which has never been in the past years. The AI used by these PAs is becoming smarter, and can deliver better and accurate services to users, compared to the regular voice assistants.

Experts predict that there will be a massive change in the field of technology within the next three years. Whatever the change, it will benefit both the service provider and the consumer.

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