Meet Air, a Better Wireless Headphone Developed for iPhone 7

October 17, 2016

10:30 am

Despite the name, the iPhone 7 is actually the 10th generation of Apple’s wildly successful smartphone experiment. Announced at the beginning of September, this new iPhone model generated a lot of buzz. However, most of that was not about amazing new hardware or features, but about the headphone jack. Or, to be more precise, its absence.

That’s right, the new iPhone 7 doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, a staple of smartphone designs for the last decade. Without it, users will need to turn to Bluetooth headphones, and Apple is obviously covering that by selling their own model (overpriced, some would say), the Apple AirPods.

This revolutionary smartphone move has revamped the market of hearable devices. It didn’t take long for other brands to start developing Bluetooth headphones that can fill this void, always aiming at the new market being brought by the iPhone 7. There are also some Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapters, but tests show they are not very promising.

Taking advantage of that wave, CrazyBaby developed Air, a pair of sleek-looking wireless earbuds made with the iPhone 7 in mind but, truthfully, appropriate for other gadgets as well (even Android-based ones). Communicating via Bluetooth 4.2, Air comes auto-pairing, meaning that, unlike traditional Bluetooth headphones, the pairing is done automatically and will maintain signal stability if the connection is lost.

Air also features a Crazy-Capsule: a portable container for these earbuds with magnetic charging ability. The Capsule is fully charged in an hour, which is enough to charge Air earbuds three times. The earphones come equipped with the latest CSR HD audio chip, allowing them to be smaller and more portable, while still maintaining a great sound quality.


Primarily design for smartphones, Air comes with power, call, voice assistant and music controls, all done from the same omni-functional button. Due to its design, Air fits well in your ears, guaranteeing comfort and no pain during long time usage.

CrazyBaby will soon initiate a crowdfunding campaign for Air and, interested buyers can head to the official website and sign up to get access to a launch-day deal, offering up to 40% off the predicted price of $89.

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