AirFlow Will Make Music from Your Smartphone’s Movements

February 2, 2016

9:00 am

Smartphones are now an essential part of our lives, and they have long ago surpassed the single use we had for their predecessors, the “normal” mobile phones: communication. Nowadays we can do almost anything on our smartphones, including really distinct actions like watching movies and opening door locks.

Now, a new Israeli-made app promises to give smartphones a completely new and different use: produce music through the movement of a smartphone. AirFlow, founded in 2015 by the Greek entrepreneur Alexander Papageorghiou-Dagan, is an impressive app takes advantage of different body movements to create music.

Designed for Android and iOS devices, AirFlow translates the physical movements made with the smartphone, like shaking or swiping, into different musical tones. Different movements produce different sounds, which users can then mix and re-record in order to create their own personalized and unique tracks.

As one would expect, the app uses sensors already built-in the phone, with no need for additional hardware, therefore creating an easy-to-use and fun experience for everyone already owning a smartphone. Papageorghiou-Dagan said that the idea came from a workout:

“While pacing my rhythm and seeing my body’s movements and how they translate, similar to when your dancing meshes with the music, I asked myself why not have my own body movements create music directly? At AirFlow, we want all people to feel empowered to get up, move, and create.”

Another noteworthy aspect of AirFlow is its networking aspect, as users can check and give feedback on creations by other users, as well as create groups in order to create and develop tracks along with other people. After the creation of tracks, AirFlow provides users with a marketplace where they can sell their creations to other users.

AirFlow has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on January 26th, with the funding goal of $240,000. Those funds will be used for the development of the iOS and Android apps as well as web-based contents, and other costs and technical aspects like promotion, marketing, maintenance, hosting, etc.

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