Top 10 U.S. Airports for Holiday Travelers Looking for a Relaxing Trip

December 5, 2017

9:20 am

Planning out your holiday travel? The season is full of good cheer, but keeping that cheer from siphoning away as you trundle across a massive airport looking for your gate can be tough. In addition to checking out the best gadgets and gear available to travelers, you can take a look at the top ten airports that will allow you the smoothest travel to and from your destination.

Produced by TransitScreen, a public information company for smart cities, the list takes into account all the public transit, bikeshare, and ridehailing services near each airport, crunches the numbers against how often they run, and produces a single score that rates their transit accessibility. Granted, these perks won’t save your feet from the treks you’ll take inside the airport, but they can save a lot of travel stress outside it.

The List

Here are the top airports, listed from best to slightly less good:

Miami International Airport
O’Hare International Airport
Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport
Logan International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
McCarran International Airport
Denver International Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

What makes Miami top the list? The Miami Airport Station, which handles a whopping nine bus lines.

These lines, according to MobilityScore’s blog post, “serve many neighborhoods, increasing access versus over airports like Denver or Dallas where transit mostly serves to carry travelers straight downtown. The same variety of transit helped other top spots, including Boston’s Logan airport with its popular Silver Line buses, and several SEPTA lines serving Philadelphia.”

If you live near one of these airports or are headed to one, and you’re looking to cut down on the holiday ruckus, consider ditching the car and depending on the local transit system. You’ll save funds on parking or rental costs, and you’ll help keep the local ecosystem running, whether it’s Lyft or the bus station.

Thanksgiving weekend 2017 was, according to projections released prior to the week, the most traffic-heavy since 2005. The few days right before Christmas are famously the worst ever for airport crowds, so opting for a method of travel that can get you there cheaper and faster is certainly appealing.

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