Ambassador Program FAQ


How do I get involved?
Apply via this application and someone from Tech.Co will contact you shortly.

What ways can I get involved?
Being a Tech.Co Ambassador you can be involved in a few ways:

  1. Host a Tech Cocktail Event in your city
  2. Help gather the most innovative startups in your community to help put an online live poll
  3. Cover your hyper-local city news on startups, tech, and the most innovative stories

How does it benefit me?
Recognition around your community , on Tech.Co and in the global tech scene, be a part of something that is making a difference. Contribute to and help foster growth within your local startup ecosystem. You’ll receive free tickets to Tech.Co’s Celebrate Conference in October 2015!

Do I have to do this alone?
No! We would love to have a team of Tech.Co Ambassadors, please spread the word and

Do I have to pay?
There is a Tech Cocktail (produced by Tech.Co) licensing fee that you will have to pay but we will work with you make your Tech Cocktail dreams happen!

What is the purpose of Ambassador Program?
To bring together your community of doers, entrepreneurs and startup founders and everyone who supports your local tech ecosystem to network, learn, share and celebrate what it is to create and grow a startup.