Ambulo is Gamifying Entrepreneurship

June 7, 2015

12:00 pm

My good friend Adam Leonard just turned me on to a really cool project that he is working on: Ambulo. I am now banging my head against the wall for not thinking of it myself. Ambulo is a game to educate aspiring entrepreneurs about what goes into creating a startup. In Ambulo you create a character, start a business, and navigate the startup landscape. Your choices will have you progress through the actual steps of getting a startup off the ground. From ideation to pitching, you will take a journey through the entire process of starting a new business and experience all the risks and rewards along the way.

Ambulo addresses a fundamental problem in education right now: A lack of engaging entrepreneurship education. If you ask your average middle/high school student if they would like to own a business of their own they are almost always excited at the prospect, and overjoyed to share their ideas. Despite this, there is a lack of resources to address this want and overall, students simply do not know where to start. In the rare event that they do, they can become overwhelmed when trying to navigate the steps independently. Ambulo will be a fun and engaging way to help them understand the process of starting a business and inspire them to be creators and founders of their own companies.

Higher demands on achievement and tighter budgets, coupled with the explosion of instructional technology, is the perfect storm for an online curriculum that meets a standards demand that administrators and teachers are struggling to accomplish. There were 1,348,920 high school students enrolled in technology-based distance education courses in 2010, up 700 percent in the last decade. The schools are embracing instructional technology to meet their needs of quality, effective curriculum to supplement in-class instruction. Ambulo aims to empower these students to build and move their skills from online into the real world of starting a business. So check out Ambulo and comment here to share your thoughts!

Image credit: Ambulo Team Page

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Clayton McIlrath is an entrepreneur, programmer and teacher. He enjoys the process of learning, exploring, and doing all things creative as well as sharing his experiences with others. Being an entrepreneur and business owner, he has a heart for helping others start their own ventures.

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