Study: Almost Every American Thinks Internet Speeds Need Improving

June 21, 2017

11:30 am

Just a few years ago, a quality internet connection was a luxury. Downloading games from floppy disks, video chatting on AIM, and pirating illegal music on Napster at reasonable speeds were nothing more than pipe dreams for avid online enthusiasts.

However, since then, internet connectivity has become a necessary part of life, with everything from banking apps and productivity platforms to email and messengers relying on WiFi to help people make it through their daily routine. And apparently, almost no one is satisfied with the current internet speeds available.

According to a new study from Cambium Networks, 98 percent of Americans believe that internet speeds across the country need to be improved, with small towns needing the most attention (61 percent). In addition to that incredibly high number, the study also founded that 45 percent of Americans can’t connect to their WiFi provider at least once a week, and 23 percent say its more like once a day.

If you’ve ever traveled to another country and accessed their internet, these numbers shouldn’t be surprising. As a country, the US isn’t even in the discussion for fastest internet speeds, with South Korea taking that price on a regular basis. In fact, the US doesn’t even break the top ten, with a number of Asian, European, and even South American countries putting us to shame. And, according to the study, we’ve noticed.

This study was launched in tandem with World WiFi Day, a global initiative aimed at highlighting the significant role WiFi has played in getting the world connected through its cities and communities. The value of this initiative is obvious, as 4 billion people around the world do not have access to reliable a internet connection. And, as the study showed, people are not happy when they can’t access the internet, with 73 percent of Americans feeling frustrated, 20 percent feeling anxious, and 20 percent feeling cut off from family and friends.

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