AnchorFree Launching a Keyboard App With Kaboom’s Features

March 28, 2016

6:15 pm

AnchorFree is quite popular for its VPN service Hotspot Shield, but what many people do not know is that they also developed an app to send self destructive messages from an iOS or Android device to anybody on any social network: Kaboom.

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It is a free app that lets users post and share pictures and messages that self destruct on several places, like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, or even email. Now, AnchorFree brought those capabilities to a new kind of app, launching a full-featured keyboard that is available for the aforementioned operating systems.

If before Kaboom could be used on a great number of apps and services, this new standalone keyboard can be used on even more situations, being accessible at all times and taking an important role on any smartphone environment. To utilize it, users only have to install the app and head to Settings, in order to activate and select the Kaboom keyboard.

Keyboards seem to be a huge trend on the smartphone app market, as there are an ever growing number of apps being developed in that niche. GIF keyboards such as Giffage are an example, and even big companies are betting on this – Microsoft has recently acquired SwiftKey, one of the most utilized smartphone keyboard apps, and Google is working on an iOS keyboard, according to some rumors.

This can be explained rather simply: keyboards are one of the most used apps in a smartphone, thus being an excellent way for companies to gather data and making the bridge for other apps more easily. In the case of Kaboom, it is a proof-of-concept product for now, according to a spokesperson from AnchorFree, and they want to expand the app’s privacy credentials to new areas.

AnchorFree is a well-know company focused on online security, but they have more standalone apps other than Kaboom: AccessTube, a YouTube browsing app with a focus on privacy, and Picaboo, a similar app focused on safe photo sharing.


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