Andelion is Building Their Niche and Sticking With It

November 18, 2013

1:48 pm

Andelion was created by Kanthi Vegiraju to bring expert Internet shoppers together with people who need their help. Specifically, Vegiraju and her team of multinational developers, designers, and social marketing experts built Andelion to erase the headache associated with buying new consumer electronics.

“It takes a lot of research to figure out the right product to buy if you’re not up to date with consumer electronics,” says Vegiraju. “Even more, figuring out great deals on products requires some big-time shopping savvy.”

The platform connects these shoppers with savvy gadget geeks, giving them a place to simply post what they are looking for. From there, the knowledgeable, shop-savvy community will supply recommendations of the perfect product that fits your budget.

The entire team at Andelion recognizes that the advent of mass communications and social media technology permits people to interact with one another in ways not previously thought of. That, in turn, has changed the way that people interact with the world around them.

“This change has even altered the way people make their purchases,” explains Vegiraju.

Andelion initially took root in the mind of Vegiraju one day when a friend posed a question about buying a laptop. Vegiraju worked in the IT industry for 15 years and her considerable experience afforded her deep insight into what products worked the best.

Her friend needed the laptop for continuing education classes, he needed it ASAP, and he only had a budget of $500. The myriad laptops that surrounded him was overwhelming, to say the least, but Vegiraju settled the debate for him. However, she also noticed that this was a major trend: people were helping each other buy their products in similar fashion.

Andelion strives to be a true open marketplace, where ideas and information are shared freely to the benefit of all. Shoppers save time and effort, pay lower prices, and rest assured knowing their recommendation came from a knowledgeable tech geek.

Working to find its place amongst other market competitors like Yabbly, Slickdeals, and Ubokia, Andelion is building their niche and sticking to it. While these other shopping sites offer question answering services and user generated deals, or post sale items, Andelion is focused on helping people buy the right product for them at a budget price.

“Here at Andelion we’re all about bringing shoppers and electronics scouts together,” says Vegiraju.


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