Android Lollipop v5.1: Wi-Fi Security and Gadget Safeguards

March 22, 2015

2:09 pm

Nothing beats Android when mobile operating platforms are concerned. Be it the wider acceptance or seamless integrations, this third-party OS looks a great option for an enthusiastic user, provided he/she has the access to the most updated version. While we tasted the KitKat and made peace with the Jellybean, the latest Lollipop is what garners a lot of interest, owing to the wider repertoire in place. As per reports Android Lollipop v5.1 is now made available to the Nexus flagships, boasting of some enviable specs and a strengthened changelog. If users are looking towards Device Protection or HD voice, Lollipop still has places to go but the Wi-Fi tweak is what users can easily make use of.

The latest breed of software will make Wi-Fi log-ins safer than before with the option of Google VPN, served hot. However secure surfing won’t be the easiest job in hand as unveiling the desired service does have its share of intricacies lined up for the user. According to the John Ferml, editor-in chief for Pocketables, Android has only revealed the extensive dialog box leading to this feature. What sits along the same is the inactive link, leading to the Google support page. If the potential threats in these sketchy wireless connections are ascertained, Google is certainly on its way to something bigger this time over.

The concept of system level VPN has a lot of takers and bears a larger significance with Google’s bigger plans in picture. Google packs in the latest MVNO plans worldwide and as quoted by Sundar Pichai, the SVP, the company will soon be rolling out the ‘Nexus’ pertaining to the wireless services. While this wouldn’t compete with those pre-existing lumbering giants, Wi-Fi connectivity is bound to be a show-stopper in days to come. Google’s mobile push sits pretty on the Android Lollipop v5.1 with the bugs fixed and technologies added along.

iOS however has a few stringent mechanisms for safeguarding the wireless scenario but Android is fast picking up pace as well. While downloading games like pokemon for iPhone turns a new leaf with iOS safeguarding the Wi-Fi standards in a celebrated manner, Google seems to be combining its set of services with Sprint and T-Mobile for a wider outreach. These services provide Wi-Fi networks of their own, featuring data and phone connectivity in a seamless manner, however with the secured mechanisms taken care of.

The wireless adaptation of the service might not extend fully towards a wider flock but allows seamless switching among different Wi-Fi networks. The virtual network isn’t a standalone offering in terms of features but packs in a lot, in cohesion with expanding wireless access. Android Lollipop v5.l has been tweaked for added safety across the table. Besides this, Lollipop offers Bluetooth connectivity without compromising on the safety.

The latest version allows better safety of the gadgets, more so if the same is stolen. The miscreant has to log into the Google account even with the gadget reset to the factory settings, authenticating with the provided credentials. Swiping off the stuffs won’t be as easy as it seems but this added layer of security will certainly enhance the businesses in the long run.

As per expectations, the days are numbered before another Lollipop upgrade turns up at our doorsteps but for the time being, the version 5.1 is what is gathering all the accolades. The main attraction has to be those public Wi-Fi networks which have been interfered with, for enhancing the security associated with the same. Users can now access data without having to worry about those hacks as the system level VPN takes center-stage.

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