Buying an iPhone 6: One of the Worst Decisions You Can Make

September 11, 2014

7:30 pm

Was it just me or did the hype train feel a bit derailed this year when Apple announced the launch of their iPhone 6? Maybe it’s the fact that every iPhone looks nearly the exact same as its predecessor, but my gut instinct tells me it goes a bit deeper than that. I think that more people are finally seeing through the surface-aesthetic Apple presents.

It’s 2014, soon to be 2015, and the iPhone 6 is boasting specs that Android users have known and loved for years. Third party keyboards? Widgets? It’s wonderful that Apple has finally loosened up on their shackled OS, but Android users just laughed – hell, we’re still laughing.

Moreover, I’m prepared to show you why getting an iPhone 6 will not only break your bank, but will haunt you as a terrible decision:


At a base level, the iPhone 6 weighs less than the top Android phones of 2014 – the HTC One M8, the LG G3, the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the Sony Xperia Z3. The iPhone 6 is also thinner than all of these phones, but let’s be real: who is buying a smartphone based around these two categories? Sure it may have an effect, but it’s far from a deciding factor.

It’s also important to realize the diversity of aesthetic that Android offers their users. Do you want a full metal body? How about a full plastic body? Gorilla Glass? Perhaps a Kevlar back-plate? At the end of the day the iPhone 6 comes up short, albeit thinner and lighter.


This one is simple: the iPhone 6 will set you back $679 retail. That’s more expensive than all of the top 2014 Android phones.

HTC One M8: $650

LG G3: $599

Samsung Galaxy S5: $559

Sony Xperia Z3: ~$550 (based on Amazon prices)

Screen Size

Regardless of which iPhone 6 model you buy, the normal or the Plus model, you’re still going to be outgunned by Android phones. The iPhone 6 regular has a 4.7 inch screen, and the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen.

The HTC One M8 sports a 5 inch screen, the LG G3 a 5.5 inch screen, the Galaxy S5 a 5.1 inch screen, and the Xperia Z3 a 5.2 inch screen. Of course, you could just blow everything out of the water with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, or 4 which sports a 5.7 inch screen; that puts the iPhone 6 to shame by an entire inch and tops even the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus.

The important thing to remember, with regard to screen size, is that Android phones run the gamut from smaller than the iPhone 6 all the way bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus. You can pick any size that fits your pocket and lifestyle best while Apple devotees remain locked into one size forever – or until Apple releases the iPhone 7.


When it comes to processing power, it’s always good to remember one cardinal rule: a higher iteration does not a good processor make. That is, the Apple A8 processor found in the new iPhone 6 doesn’t guarantee it performs better than the A7 simply because it is newer.

The reality of the situation is that nobody really knows how well the Apple A8 processor will hold up to long, hard usage. The best I’ve been able to find about it is the following: “We don’t know too much about it yet”.

The top 2014 Android phones are using the heralded Qualcomm Snapdragon, quad core processor. Not only is this thing a complete work horse, it’s been tried, tested, and reviewed by countless fans and has stood up to the test.

New OS Features

And when it comes down to the final straw, the OS, the new iPhone 6 is simply laughable. I could walk you through the finer points of why Android wins here, but Ars Technica writer Ron Amadeo put it better than I ever could with this image – make sure to read the comments people have left:

At some point you have to stop buying into the Apple hype and start asking important questions. Why is Apple only now building in features Android users have enjoyed for years? In a world where my smartphone can have a higher resolution than Blu-Ray, why is Apple’s iPhone 6 operating at 750p resolution?

When the first model of the iPhone was released they may have been better than Android; I’ll admit that. But as the battle has raged on, Android has diversified, stepped up their design, and outplayed Apple on nearly all levels. Why keep feeding the beast? And make sure to give me credit when you toss your old iPhone for an Android option.




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