Just Like Coffee, Your Startup Should be Rich, Deep, and Complex

August 17, 2015

7:00 pm

From beauty products, to gourmet food and drink, monthly subscription services are on the rise across the board. Why? It’s simple: people love the convenience of testing out new and expertly curated products in the comfort of their own homes.

One of the more popular subscription boxes is for coffee, as aficionados seek out complex roasts from around the world. Not to mention coffee tasting clubs are becoming as popular as wine club counterparts these days.

However, coffee curators like Craft Coffee, Mistobox, and Bean Box fall short for people who desire a comprehensive tasting experience. At least, that’s what the team at Angels Cup tells me. They’re a new kind of coffee club that combines both coffee curations with blind taste tests to teach coffee drinkers about their individual preferences.

The core of the Angels Cup tasting experience lies in the partner app, which caters to both expert and novice tastes alike. Essentially, the app lets subscribers blind taste each month’s coffees and then record their observations without bias.



Once each coffee is tasted, the app reveals the origin and flavors of each brew, so subscribers can compare their experiences with industry professionals. According to the team, their Arabica roasts rival the finest of wines when it comes to complexity.

“Angels Cup is like coffee school in a box. We have a lot of customers who are industry professionals, roasters, baristas, and even Q-graders (the coffee world’s equivalent to sommeliers). But 90% of our customers are regular people who just want to learn more about something they love to drink every day. We make that easy, fun, and affordable, with a premium subscription service and a free educational companion app that offers the full experience of a coffee tasting class each time you brew a new cup,” says Jeff Borack, cofounder of Angels Cup.

I think what Borack says here about it being “coffee school in a box” is right on point. That is, the team incorporated an element of education into their offering which heightens it beyond simply being a box of curated stuff.

Like coffee itself, the more rich, deep, and complex flavor you can give to your own startup the more engaged your users will be. Not to mention learning about new things is just plain fun – and Borack and his team definitely understand that.



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