Anomo: The Anonymous App that Builds Connections, Relationships

September 30, 2014

3:00 pm

Think about some of the thoughts that go through your head when see someone’s profile picture – “Is he athletic?” “Is she pretty?” the list goes on and on. We’ve all made judgments about people based on their social profile without ever meeting them. “We judge people based on their appearance,” says James Sun, the cofounder of Anomo. “But we also get to know people through work through sports, through common interests before we necessarily might judge them from a photo standpoint.”

With everything and everyone’s business online, it’s sometimes challenging to get to know people for who they really are. Sun along with Benjamin Liu, the CEO and cofounder of Anomo, have created an anonymous app that focuses on connecting with people, breaking down barriers and building relationships without facing criticism from others.

“We thought about how could we democratize the way social networking is done, and by basically removing all personally identifiable information,” says Sun. “Any social networking site always leads with a photo, a photo of the persons face or a full body, and it’s basically to promote who they are.”

Here’s a few things you should know about Anomo, according to their site:

  • Connect: The app ultimately lets you connect with people based on shared commonalities.
  • Interact: Users can interact with other through conversation, games and more.
  • Reveal: With Anomo users can take their time in revealing personal information.

As of now, they’re targeting the 16-25 year old age group – they hope their app will create genuine social interactions as well as relationships.

 We have something called a verify your age and gender through Facebook,” says Sun. “About 80% of our users are verified because we don’t take any other content from there, but when you’re verified you get a badge.”

In mid-June, the company released Version 2 of their app, which introduced a sleek interface and new features such as Mingle.

According to a press release, “The Mingle search feature and intelligent algorithm is based on 10 million aggregated questions from the app’s previous version that helped determine which users spent the most time chatting with each other.”

More About Sun and the Anomo Team

Sun is joined by the Anomo CEO and cofouner,Benjamin Liu, who graduated from Princeton University with a degree in computer science. Sun graduated from the University of Washington and has had numerous business experiences such as competing on The Apprentice, a reality show featuring Donald Trump.

“I’ve learned that you have to challenge yourself to do great things you can’t be comfortable,” says Sun. “Once I did that show I thought okay I can help the world connect through common interests.”

Essentially, Anomo strives to create a community where users can reveal what they what when they’re ready.

“We are anonymous but people are building real relationships with their real selves,” says Sun. “It’s not like the other where you have a pseudo name and that’s all you are. You start anonymous, but you reveal what you want, when you’re comfortable.”

To learn more about Anomo, watch this video:



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