AnyClip: Searchable, Clipable Movies on the Web

March 8, 2010

4:14 pm

Have you ever wanted to find a movie line online? Or find a particular scene and jump right to it? AnyClip, a New York-based start-up is looking to deliever a product that allows you to do just that. With AnyClip, you’ll be able to re-live any moment from any movie, ever. That’s its mission anyway.

How does AnyClip work? The technology behind AnyClip draws its data from a number of sources and a team of humans inputting meta data for each film. (The average film has nearly 500 tags.) On the AnyClip site, you can search for any term within the available films database. So far, it seams, mostly older films are searchable, as most are in black and white. For example, I searched for the term “thankful for,” and the site showed  this video (below).

thankful for from The Lady Vanishes

Like most video sites, the clip can be embedded, shared, or marked as a favorite. AnyClip has organized the videos by movie titles, actors, directors, types of scenes (laughter, fear, killing, etc). The site also has a simple scene game, called “Framed,” that challenges users to figure out which actor is in a particular scene.

I got a chance to see a beta version of AnyClip at TechCrunch 50. The biggest obstacle at that time was the need to secure content deals with all the films AnyClip wanted to index and distribute online. This is a big undertaking, and it will be interesting to see how far the company has come when AnyClip is officially launched next week at SXSW. So it makes sense that today AnyClip put its site behind a sign-up wall and under wraps till Monday, March 15th. We are excited to have AnyClip share a preview at TECH cocktail SXSW: Johnny Cash Blackout Sunday presented by Microsoft BizSpark and Volusion on March 14.

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