How App Development Frameworks Impact the Dev Ecosystem

January 6, 2015

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A few years ago the dev world kept to itself. It was shrouded by a veil of code that only fellow developers were able to penetrate to the impressive fortress known only to the select few. If you could not understand the language, then you could never be privy to the things they did – creating web designs, writing markup, and building mobile apps from the ground up, to name just a few developers’ world mysteries.

Business owners who are totally inexperienced in writing any markup language or in developing anything online can now easily infiltrate the dev world and refer to themselves as developers. App development builders like BuildFire cut through the need to learn any coding language by introducing a “click and edit” platform, enabling any business owner to create smartphone and tablet apps to boost their sales in just a few minutes.

An app builder cannot provide people with a fully customizable app in the same way that a professional developer can, but the fact that an app can be made at all without any coding experience still speaks volume about the changing nature of web development. These principles have trickled down to other forms of development online such as the ability to create a responsive website. This has now made infinitely easier with the drag-and-drop features offered by premium website builders like IM Creator and Wix.

These strides made by technology that allow people with zero development skills to develop fully functioning business apps begs for this question to be asked: Is this a good thing?

Easy to create apps require more work than ever

From a non-developer’s standpoint, the obvious answer would be a resounding “YES!” According to a survey conducted by Kinvey, half of CIOs believe that mobile app development takes too long to finish. One could easily conclude that the steep learning curve required in understanding how to create a mobile app the traditional way (writing markup, etc.) is too difficult to overcome, leading to the slow development of highly effective business apps.

However, a closer look at the survey will reveal information that may please professional developers: What essentially makes mobile development time-consuming is the lack of vision moving forward with the created apps. Part of app development is the overall direction that your business will tread after the creation of an app. Unfortunately, 75% of respondents were driven to create business apps as a stand-alone tool rather than as part of an overall strategy.

Due to the popularity of mobile apps and the possibilities they bring to individual businesses, many businesses have developed one without having a comprehensive strategy behind it. It also doesn’t help that the ease of developing one using an app builder has allowed businesses to forego long-term planning and just concentrate on app creation and development.

While the novelty of building apps on the go is still at an all-time high, it is nonetheless important to become aware that an app needs to be incorporated within an all-encompassing strategy. This strategy should be part of the dev ecosystem, in order for businesses to meet their goals effectively by using app-building tools.


Easy-to-use app builders still have a place in mobile marketing as long as the created app is more than just a one-and-done deal. Businesses need to anticipate improvements in mobile marketing and they can only adapt to the changes by having a proper mobile strategy in place. This is where professional developers have the advantage: Not only are they capable of building an app for you, but they will also build your app in such a way that it becomes an integral part of your business strategy.

The changes brought about by app development builders allow businesses to rethink their approach towards app creation but they do need to have a vision in mind rather than just building apps in isolation.

Your Input

Have you used an app-builder to develop an app for your business? How is your app integrated into your strategic plan for your business? Please use the comment box below for your input.

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