App Network for Restaurants: TheEatsNetwork

May 5, 2010

10:41 am

Kids Eats, Burger Eats, Lobster Eats – those are the three iPhone apps available now for free from the new  The designs are fun but don’t let that fool you – they are all business. Two businesses in fact.

Business #1: helping people find the food they want based on where they are – quickly. Got a car full of hungry kids and need some lunch pronto? That’s what the Kids Eats app is all about – recommending kid-friendly restaurants nearby with all relevant information at your fingertips.

Business #2: selling restaurants into their network. Given their low-barrier pricing model ($10 -$30 per month depending on how many apps you want to be listed in) and the benefits which include the ability to send special offers to users and real time stats, this seems like a reasonable business.

It isn’t clear what type of dashboard the networked restaurants will have access to and at this time the apps appear to support only the Washington DC area. But the concept is interesting because it’s highly targeted and segmented. Each app represents a specific food type or restaurant niche that the user can browse to find exactly the type of food they are looking for, close by to their location, and providing tools to book a reservation real-time.

The Eats Network is a partnership between Chef Tony Marciante and the team at Imaginary Feet. Imaginary Feet is Emil Anticevic, Thomas McLeod, Patrick Jackson and Adam Dexter. They specialize in iPhone and web application development and currently have 2 products at market, the content management system PageLime and The Eats Network. Chef Tony Marciante is a 23 year veteran of the restaurant trade, currently Chef/Proprietor of Visions Restaurant in Bethesda, Md.  His love of marketing and technology led him to the idea of the Eats applications as part of the Eats Network which were developed in full by Imaginary Feet.

Download Burger Eats on iTunes
Burger Eats
Download Kids Eats on iTunesKids Eats
Download Lobster Eats on iTunesLobster Eats

You can learn more about The Eats Network as they will be demoing at DC Mobile TECH cocktail presented by Windows Phone 7 on Wednesday, May 5th at Current Sushi.

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