Apple Bans Donations Via Charity Apps on iPhone

December 9, 2010

10:16 am

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Apple’s decision to ban charity apps that collect donations via iPhone has set the nonprofit world abuzz. Critics say the process which Apple is requiring – that an application must direct potential donors to an organization’s website to make a contribution, instead of through the app – makes the process burdensome.

“One of Apple’s major objections has been that if donations were to go through its payment mechanism, it would have to be in the business of managing and distributing funds and verifying charities as well,” said Jake Shapiro, executive director of Public Radio Exchange, or PRX, an online nonprofit marketplace for licensing and distributing public radio programming in a recent New York Times article.

An online petition is being circulated by Beth Kanter, a leading nonprofit consultant, to garner publicity for the issue.   Kanter has pledged to replace her iPhone with one of Google’s Android phones.

This may work out well for Kanter since PayPal, after being asked by Apple to remove the donation system from its iPhone app in August, is getting ready to launch it in the Android-version.

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