Will Apple Watch Replace Car Keys in the Future?

June 26, 2015

5:00 pm

There is a technology revolution coming. No, not in the speed of processors or the computing power of that smartphone in your pocket, but in the role that technology plays in our everyday lives. We have already seen Nest redefine the role that technology plays in our house, and now Apple wants to take similar technology into our car – or more precisely, to how we get into our car.

This is what Tim Cook, the current CEO of the Cupertino giant, told the British newspaper Telegraph. Cook, appointed as one of the 2014’s Top People in Business, praised the first Apple’s smartwatch and gave a very promising outlook regarding the future uses of this wearable gadget.

Using sensors and other biometric authentication means, the Apple Watch promises to eliminate once and for all the little metal pieces that we use to open the doors of vehicles and places. There are already similar intentions, like Android Wear getting close with Tesla in order to fully control a vehicle.

Most modern cars are already equipped with wireless networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, which provides the necessary freedom for the user to interact with the machine. In cars from Mercedes-Benz, for example, owners can unlock the locks and even start the engine without using a traditional key, but what Tim Cook wants is something much bigger.

Apple is famous for popularizing its products. When the iPhone was launched eight years ago, smartphones were not yet the huge success they are today. The same happened with the iPad and the Apple Pay service, which clearly gave a distinct tone to the segment of tablets and mobile payments, respectively.

The smartwatch market is rapidly expanding, to which the Apple Watch contributed immensely, so it is expected that they will not just compete with luxury watch makers but in the very near future offer something more, something that normal watches aren’t meant to do, including the possible replacement of the car keys and other safety precautions with the help of the smartwatches.

This technology first appeared in the iPhone, when Apple redefined the term “unlock” from its traditional meaning of breaking the link between your phone and its carrier to new definitions that included unlocking doors, but smart watches bring an extra level of simplicity to the process.

So, with Tim Cook’s considerations about the part that Apple Watch might have eliminating keys from cars, one can only assume and hope that such projects will easily and quickly move to other keys as well, like home doors, windows and so on.

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