Best New Apps for Construction Management

September 20, 2014

10:00 am

The construction industry is incredibly competitive, making it a good idea to give yourself every advantage possible. One such method is to use technology to your benefit, as there are plenty of applications available that can help streamline your projects from planning to completion. The following are some of the best new apps for construction management on the market and they are sure to increase your productivity, while making your life on the jobsite much easier.

  1. PlanGrid

Techco1 plangridIf you are working directly with an architect on your next project, PlanGrid is definitely something to consider. This app allows you to share things like project plans, photographs and specifications, which could eliminate any mis-communications. Once this information is uploaded into the app, it updates in real time. This gives both parties access to the same information and is probably the best way to share information during the planning phase. Mr. Rooter uses this when coming up with new bathroom designs. They share the plans with the customer, who can then provide feedback and changes.

  1. Material Estimator

techco2 material estimatorComing up with a quote for a client takes a great deal of work, so having an app that can handle part of the process for you is a major help. Material Estimator is software that looks at the square footage of the project and can give a quick estimate of how much material you will need. The materials covered include drywall, decks, fencing, gravel, concrete, flooring and paint, giving you much more clarity as you order materials.

  1. Build It Live

techco4 build it liveThis software is similar to PlanGrid, as it stores all of your documents and information on the cloud, so that anyone who is involved in the planning and building of the project has access to this information. The great thing about this software is that it allows an unlimited number of collaborators to access the information, so you can even share these plans with your clients to ensure that your designs meet his or her needs. For example, a new warehouse could send its plans over to Johnson Lift to make sure the layout meets their needs. Then Johnson Lift could add their comments and send it over to the distributor, then back to the warehouse.

  1. Control Center 7

techco4 controlcenterThose who wish to monitor their jobsite even when they are not present can go with Control Center 7. In basic terms, this app works in conjunction with cameras that you have installed in the site and gives you visual access to the job around the clock. If you are ever stuck on a different jobsite and want to check in on your employees or simply share some snapshots of the site with colleagues, this is the app to choose. This comes in handy when using used or rental equipment like this. That way you have proof that your team was using the equipment safely and correctly in case there’s a complaint or issue once you return it.

  1. SmartBidNet

techco5 smartbidnetWhen working with vendors and subcontractors, it is important to keep an eye on all of the finances involved. SmartBidNet does just that for you, as you can enter bid information into the app to help you decide on whose to accept. In addition to financial information, measurements and other statistics can be attached to each bid to help you make your decision.

  1. 6. Project Quote Estimate

techco6 pqeAlthough this app still needs some work, it does include some estimating tools that can help you provide an on-site estimate for a client. This is incredibly handy because you can calculate the materials that you will need instantly and provide your client with a quick quote right away. Keep in mind that the app only works for residential properties at this time, but it is still a good program to use for instant information.

  1. iQuick Contract Maker

techco7 iquickSending a contract to the client is a large part of your business and this app allows you to do it instantly from your phone or other handheld device. The app is completely customizable, so you can add your legal contract to the device and send it via email to the customer.

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