Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Weekend: Music Memos, Churchill Solitaire, and More

January 23, 2016

10:16 am

If it’s the weekend, it’s fun-time! Unless you have a Mount Everest hike scheduled for this weekend, you may be spending some time in the company of your smartphone, so why not use that screen time to unleash your song or other creative ideas, or keep in touch with your friends? So, without further ado, here is my app recipe for the weekend.

Alpha Quest

Fact is, I cannot get enough of word games – I simply love them – and the recently updated Alpha Quest will take you on an amazing bubble-popping adventure. It’s simple and challenging. Put your brains to work by completing each level, and have fun! Download Alpha Quest for free for iOS/Android


Churchill Solitaire

Years ago playing Solitaire for me was an activity to give my brains a rest. With Churchill Solitaire I cannot afford this luxury: It is a challenging game with historical spice. The game takes you back in time to the Second World War, and you’ll begin your journey as a Cadet alongside a young Churchill in 1893 at the famed military college of Sandhurst. Are you willing to take the challenge? Download Churchill Solitaire for free from the App Store.



SMS is so trivial when you have other much more sophisticated ways to communicate with your family and friends. Dartboard is one of them: It takes a page from Snapchat with its disappearing messages, but it is worth your time. It’s fun: You can send a voice message (dart) quick and easy, and after being listened to the message disappears. Oh, and you can send the message to both groups and individuals. Download Dartboard for free for iOS/Android


Are You In

If you plan to organize events, you may want to consider a recently launched organizer app, Are You In. After logging in with a Facebook account, the app allows you to create events and invite users from your address book. Share the details of the event, send the invite, and if he or she is in, the app syncs his or her personal calendar with the app’s calendar. Download Are You In for free for iOS/Android


Music Memos

Creative people have been using Voice Memos and Notes to quickly record their ideas before they vanish. I’ve been using Voice Memos a lot, because sometimes it’s easier to speak than write. Apple has leveraged the features of these two apps and combined the enhancements into a new app called Music Memos which specifically targets songwriters and creative professionals who have some connection with music. The app is available as a free download from the App Store.



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