The 3 Best Apps to Earn You Cash Back on Purchases

August 22, 2017

9:20 am

It’s easy to find an app or website that claims to save you money. But if you have to check in every hour to fill out a capitcha or some other menial task, you’re not getting money for free: You’re paying with your own precious time. And when it comes to using a few apps to scrounge up a dollar or two here and there, you don’t want to spend hours of your life. You want an app or site that you can sign up for once, and continue reaping benefits for months on end.

Which is why one poster on r/beermoney, a subreddit dedicated to earning just enough money on the side to pay for a beer or two, has personally tested the best cash-back apps and websites to figure out which ones can save you the most while taking the least of your personal time. Here are the best of best.


Sign up for this cash-back app and you’ll get a list of select stores that you shop from regularly. Pick a selection — Chipotle, McDonalds, Target, and Walmart, for example — and you’ll start getting a little cash back from your purchases. Here’s a little more info, from that Reddit commenter I mentioned earlier:

“Drop also has promotions for other stores from time to time. While you only can select 5 stores for ‘ongoing cash back’, other stores may have promotions from time to time. For example I can currently receive 1000 points ($1) from Whole Foods if I spend $35+.”

Drop is in Canada now, and is rolling out to the U.S. with a referral system — enter the code 5ajb9 to nab a download.


Sign up at this site and you’ll be able to link your various online accounts. Paribus scans your purchased items and then refunds you based on each ecommerce site’s ongoing deals. The catch? They take 30 percent of your savings off the top.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay functions similarly to Apple Pay, but the Samsung rewards program offers you 20 cents for every purchase, a number that adds up quick. But you’ll need a Samsung device to make it work — a S6, S7, S8, or the newer note devices will work.

Try one of these apps or all three: Saving a few dollars or a few cents with each purchase will add up a lot quicker than you think. And since you’re taking the passive route, there’s practically no risk to you.

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