AppsEco: App Automation Solution Built by Developers for Developers

January 10, 2016

8:00 pm

How many apps do you have? One? Two? Maybe 30? Have you seen any progress or (if I may ask you an inconvenient question) any revenue? If your answer is “none” or the like, rest assured that you are not alone. Although you may be running out of solutions, there might be one, AppsEco, that should be worth a try.

The founders of AppsEco have placed more than 500 apps on the App Store since 2012, which have generated more than 40 million downloads to date. After crunching the data generated by the apps and users, they made some key observations that helped them develop a solution to the issue all app developers face: How can they increase the revenue generated by their app?

Their solution is a platform called AppEco. What they promise is the first app ecosystem that automates app store processes, management, and promotion in real time. AppsEco will collect and aggregate data to increase app performance, visibility, and profitability. To achieve that goal, the app ecosystem will not only aggregate all the collected data for each app within its network, but also relentlessly collect, monitor, and aggregate data to increase the app’s visibility, popularity, ranking, and keyword positioning.

“Our team was driven to formulate better results and impact the mobile and app market with new automated solutions that took into account the needs of app developers, advertisers, and end-users,” said Gloryvee Cordero, one of the cofounders of AppsEco. “The market needs a system that can establish relevant app positioning, increase revenue for app developers, and increase the relevancy of ad distribution,” added cofounder Ana Streçzyn. “AppsEco is, at its core, the automated implementation of proven app optimization and marketing methodologies. We were inspired to create an all in one system that would evaluate conditions and aggregate results based on real-time data,” said Roger Nikunen, the third cofounder of AppsEco and well-established enterprise developer with more than 20 years experience.

AppsEco runs formulated paths of actions and determines the most efficacious task to perform on each app in its network. Furthermore, the platform retargets advertisement distribution according to relevance, even promises to distribute incentives to end-users, and will request reviews or subscriptions to increase engagement.

After the initial testing period, app developers using the AppsEco platform have seen revenue increases of up to 325 percent, the founders of AppsEco say. As of now, you can request early access and beta testing by visiting the AppsEco website. If you are out of solutions to position your app at the top of the most sought-after charts, consider AppsEco.


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