Our Favorite April Fools’ Stunts from the Internet

April 1, 2016

10:11 am

When I was younger I was never considered the class clown or prankster, but over the past decade I’ve gained a true appreciation for the holiday that falls on April 1st. Perhaps it all stemmed from my first job in Washington, DC, where I terrorized my coworker with small pictures of Pac-Man through our shared office, or because it reminds me of one of my best friends’ birthdays who is – by definition – a pranker, or just maybe it’s the vast amount of creativity that comes from the day.

From ThinkGeek’s infamous test products that become reality, to giants like Google and Reddit, and even to startups sparing what little free time they have – a lot of amazing things come from April Fools’ Day. However, not all office environments embrace April Fools’. According to a national study developed by The Creative Group and conducted by an independent research firm, more than two-thirds (68 percent) of executives consider April Fools’ jokes unsuitable in the office. Luckily for the rest of us, there are plenty of people out there willing to put their job on the line.

Each year another round of creative ideas, concepts, and tricks are released from the tech world. These are some of our favorite:

Clone Zone

product hunt acquires yahoo for magic beans

Want to create a fake headline on TechCrunch? Perhaps even on the Farmer’s Almanac? Clone Zone allows you to add in any URL, make a few edits, and easily share the page out with your friends. For me, I told people I was pursuing my dream of becoming a chicken farmer, so this only added fuel to the ridiculous fire. But don’t try using The New York Times, because apparently they received a cease and desist order. Hashtag partypoopers.

YouTube: SnoopaVision

(After hitting play, hit the snoopavision logo)

What happens when you combine Snoop Dogg, YouTube and a virtual 360 experience? What other than a vidizzling April Fools’ Day experience, of course.

Introducing SnoopaVision, a revolutionary new way to watch any YouTube video in 360-degrees, beside the one and only, Snoop Dogg. In order to pull off this stunt, YouTube selected a handful of popular videos and filmed Snoop watching these videos alongside popular YouTube creators, all while he provided “Snoop-ish” commentary on each of them. SnoopaVision combines two undeniable facts in our industry: 360 is the future and everyone loves Snoop. These hilarious 360 vidizzles are available at the click of a button on the original YouTube videos, allowing viewers to check out the “SnoopaVision” enabled version. Hashtag Foshizzle.

iStrategyLabs: Modstock

ModStock iStrategyLabs

Modstock provides modern stock photography for the lives we really live. From riding on hoverboards with dogs, to scrolling through the latest news on the toilet instead of doing work, Modstock has you covered. With a tagline like “Let’s make stock photography great again”, you know it’s got to be amazing. Hashtag Vape Nation.

TodayTix: Dial-a-Drama

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.52.34 PM

Dial-A-Drama, TodayTix’s latest service that insures you’ll never miss a moment of your show again. Whether you’re running late from a meeting, stuck in traffic, or delayed in the subway – call their new hotline and you’ll be immediately connected with one of their agents located inside each theater, ready and eager to fill you in on what you’ve missed.

You’ll get a play by play of every detail on the stage. TodayTix’s agents describe in intricate detail the set, character facial expressions, and even stage directions, so it’ll be like you were there the whole time. Give them a call at 1-855-245-0741 and try it out. Hashtag Suckitmoviephone.

TheChive Goes 90s

TheChive Goes 90s

From Comic Sans to huge baggy JNCO jeans, the 90s were a glorious time of pure style. In the true spirit of the best generation, TheChive dialed back their modern look to embrace the amazing designs of Geocities. They also spilled the beans on the upcoming Star Wars droid, so that’s pretty cool. Hashtag rockosmodernlife.

Wonder Works: WonderPaw

WonderPaw is a revolutionary new coding application fusing cutting-edge educational software with Wonder Workshop’s proprietary 4-paw’d touch interface. For months, their team of Canine Researchers tirelessly studied the mind of a dog to better understand the way dogs think, learn, and make decisions. This research has led to the development of a new curriculum carefully crafted to a dog’s needs and guaranteed to turn your family’s best friend into the family engineer.

Earbits: Exclusive Kanye West Album

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.05.13 AM

In a surprise move, which is typically the case, Kanye West has decided to relaunch his latest album. In a slight twist, West has renamed his album “The Lyf of Pablo”. The exclusive set of tracks can only be found on earbits, and features what appears to be a mixture of oceanic sounds and maybe even a series of farts. Hashtag Whalefarts.

D-Link: SmartAsk

Have you ever wanted to spend an evening with an excessively self-confident, voice-controlled smart device that provides deep psychological insights? Lonely hearts are in luck! D-Link is pleased to unveil a stunning new addition to its Connected Home ecosystem. Hashtag MoveOverAlexa.

CouponCodesHero.Com: Fake Parking Tickets

Ever walk up to your car, only to find a piece of paper fapping in the wind and pressed to your windshield by way of your wiper? CouponCodeHero.com played on everyone’s fear by placing nearly 30,000 fake parking tickets on windshields last year, and this year they are upping the ante with another 40,000. Someone should also get their vertical video in check. Hashtag ThisIsKindOfmean.

Monoprice: USB-D


In recent years, USB’s competition has intensified with the entrance of Thunderbolt and the latest USB development, USB Type-C, which set a new standard both in speed and ease of use. A category breakthrough, USB-D is the hot, new industry standard connector and cable that’s set to replace all USB interfaces of the past and unseat the reigning champion of connectivity, USB Type-C.

The Epic Series is a cutting-edge line of USB-D 6.2 cables designed to be the only technology you’ll ever need for connecting your next-gen computer or mobile device to a charger, external hard drive or high resolution video display.

It’s also sixteen times as fast as the original specs for Thunderbolt (10Gbps), and has the ability to deliver 1 Yottawatt (1024 watts) of power. Unlike the USB-C standard which supports at least 100 watts of power delivery, USB-D they replace all power adapters as the new power delivery standard. Hashtag TooManyCords.

Gusto: Insurance for Office Dogs


Today Gusto is adding a new feature: payroll and benefits for office dogs. Full-­ and part-time office dogs of all sizes will now have access to the same incredible Gusto features that people do, including online accounts, workers’ comp and dental plans (a.k.a. “Canine cleanings”). Pricing is the same as for humans.

Coverage will start in California and Colorado, with support for the other 48 states rolling out shortly. Later this year, they will add additional features including doggie 401/k plans, doggie daycare and doggie playdate support. Office dogs with email addresses will also receive Gusto accounts to manage direct deposit information, make vacation requests, arrange walks and coordinate treat delivery.

“When Gusto was founded, we started building what we call the People Platform. However, after a request from our own office pup Finnley, we’ve spent considerable time and energy building a Puppy Platform as well. Over 0.5 percent of all US employers use Gusto for their human teams but, until now, being an office dog has been pretty ruff. It’s our hope that our customers will soon adopt Gusto for their canine colleagues.” Hashtag AwwPuppy.

CableTV.com: Trump Reality TV Show, Presidential Style

trump reality tv show cabletv

Since businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign in June 2015, America has become partly immune to whatever his next shocking move might be. It’s hardly surprising, then, to hear that the Republican front-runner is currently in talks to create a new TV project should he be elected into office — a reality show documenting his life as president of the United States of America. Hashtag MakeTVGreatAgain.

The Zebra: ICSPA

The Zebra is using humor (via funny fake ads introducing our made-up product) to draw attention to a troubling trend: distracted driving. (April begins Distracted Driving Awareness Month.) The company’s always up for pranks. This year, though, they’re also adding a reminder to drive safely — and not to be that person taking selfies in the driver’s seat. Hashtag TooReal.

Bonus – Chris Kobar’s Apple Bling

Apple Bling Phat

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