Not All Drones Are Made for Dropping Bombs

September 26, 2014

12:00 pm

The last we heard from Arch Aerial, they were being featured on ESPN’s Outside the Lines (OTL) segment for the use of their drones in sports. The market for drones has, if anything, grown since we last spoke to the team, and they’ve been planning some major updates as well.

Arch Aerial today announced the official launch of their Kickstarter campaign to fund a new type of humanitarian drone. This new drone is LiDAR capable, meaning it has remote-sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and then analyzing the reflected light.

While the technology is most popularly known for making high-res maps, Arch Aerial will be applying it in a different vein: locating unexploded ordnance (UXO) for removal around the world – specifically Laos.

“Many war-torn areas around the world still deal with the problem of UXO,” says the team. “We’re building a drone that can locate these bombs without endangering surveyors or the local population, and tag them for removal.”

The Kickstarter campaign is geared primarily at funding Arch Aerial’s development and prototype testing for a heavy-lift UXO Drone that can carry a LiDAR unit on board to map unexploded ordnance. The drone itself will be a multi-rotor UAS that is designed for 20 to 30 minute flight times after the attachment of a third-party LiDAR.

In addition to their Kickstarter campaign, Arch Aerial has also applied to host a SXSW Interactive panel to discuss the UXO drone journey and share their experience with humanitarian groups.

Amidst the mistrust people have for drones, it’s nice to see a group of people dedicated to tapping the full potential of the drone. People need to realize that drones aren’t all made for dropping bombs and can be used for good all over the world.





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