ArtCling: Democratizing the Art World One Wall Graphic at a Time

September 11, 2014

4:30 pm

ArtCorgi, the custom digital art company, today announced the launch of their new initiative, ArtCling. This new venture brings bespoke artwork commissioned from digital artists to real-world walls.

The ArtCling itself is a reusable, self-adhering piece of fabric that can be stuck onto pretty much any surface. The design is printed on the fabric and is perfectly tailored to the fit the customized-demand of any interested parties.

ArtCling’s engine is entirely powered by ArtCorgi, who was part of 500 Startups’ Batch 9. The ArtCorgi platform matches clients with digital artists worldwide, and they represent a wide variety of artists from traditional styles that replicate oil paintings to comic illustrations and modern art.

“Our mission is to democratize the art world,” says Simone Collins, ArtCorgi’s COO and manager of artist and client relations. “After launching ArtCorgi we found that while we made original art commissions accessible through friendly intermediaries and lower price points for the commissions themselves, having them printed and framed could cost twice as much as what the artist was getting paid.”

The new ArtClings start at $15, and even a custom-made mural will not cost more than $1,500. For example, an ArtCling customer can buy a 24” x 36” for only $156. All of the ArtClings are created on demand at the Walls 360 wall graphics factory in Las Vegas and shipped globally.

“When creating ArtCling we wanted something new, not just a vinyl decal or an old fashioned wall graphic,” says ArtCorgi CEO Malcolm Collins. “Walls360 is the only company in the world that could provide the quality we needed and the final product is truly astounding. It has to be seen and felt to be believed”.

The team knew they were onto something hot when guests couldn’t walk by the prototypes in their office without stopping and reaching out to touch them, searching for brush strokes.

“We can’t wait to see what ArtCorgi artists and customers are going to create as custom ArtClings,” says Tavia Campbell, Founder and COO of Walls360.



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