Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Business Practices

September 23, 2016

6:00 pm

While artificial intelligence is relatively new, it has become a part of the day to day life of many individuals. People in today’s world don’t think twice before they use digital assistants like Siri or Alexa. Uber has even introduced self-driving cars,which take artificial intelligence to a whole new level. So why are people pushing back so much when it comes to this revolutionarily helpful technology? Because it’s kind of scary. But it’s also going to change the world we live in for the better.

“I believe that, at the end of the century, the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machine thinking without expecting to be contradicted,” said Alan Turing, the famous developer of Turing test.

New Opportunities

While many people lament the progress of artificial intelligence for its potential to dethrone humans, AI is poised to create a wide range of exciting job opportunities. The IT and creative industries need to hire thousands of more employees in order to develop technologically advanced software applications. These new job opportunities pay a lot more than the jobs that are being lost because of automation. People don’t have to worry about the development of artificial intelligence. They just need to keep developing along with it.

Startup founders will subsequently get the opportunity to make their businesses more flexible to their employees due to artificial intelligence. The competitiveness of the marketplace is increasing day by day. As a result, the businesses will have to work harder in order to retain the best employees. Artificial intelligence has the potential to make their lives easier because people will be able to start working from home.

Saving Money

Artificial intelligence and automation have considerable potential to work faster compared to humans. And, perhaps the best part about this, robots can’t ask for a raise. Business owners will be able to automate some of the sectors and save a considerable amount of money in the long run. They just need to experience the benefits that are delivered by enhanced efficiency at a significantly low price.

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