Startup Uses AI to Create Videos from a Simple Article URL

April 11, 2016

3:39 pm

Artificial intelligence has more than a few practical uses. Whether this impressive technological breakthrough is convincingly explaining the meaning of life or plotting the untimely end of the world, making a robot that can think like a human has been man’s greatest achievement… along with the Internet and Nutella-flavored ice cream. And one Taiwanese startup is looking to cash in on this technology by using it to create videos out of nothing more than an article’s URL. And that’s pretty cool.

GliaStudio, based out of Taipei, Taiwan, was launched in 2015. Their goal was to corner the market on the new necessity in media production and content development: video. While expensive and time-consuming to make, video was proving to be the highest attention-grabber as it appeals to visual consumers. Even Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to seeing huge growth on Facebook with the implementation of easy-to-use video players. And he’s not alone.

74 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Video is widely considered as one of the best marketing tools for the online advertising industry. The global market for online video ads is expected to reach $19 billion by 2017, while the Asian market is expected to achieve $10 billion in 2020,” says GliaStuido COO Agnes Peng, in reference to an in depth report done by Syndacast.

Obviously trying to explain how artificial intelligence could possibly do everything a sixth-grader writing a book report can do is difficult. Simply put, it analyzes the content from the article and consolidates it into a video summary complete with voiceover and images. It will even draw from public sources to add additional content to the video.

Will this technology revolutionize the way we consume media today? Probably not. Right now, it just looks like it might help a few fourth-graders cheat on their PowerPoint presentation final at the end of the semester. The demo video is rife with spelling and grammatical errors. The artificial intelligence spelled Stephen Curry’s name as “Steven.” That’s like accidentally calling him LeShawn James or Michelle Jordan. Particularly when it already shows up in the text.

This merging of artificial technology and video production is however, incredibly indicative of the direction of the market. With the recent success of virtual reality and the increased importance being put on video production in general, it will not be long before every image out there is at least remotely animated. And with millions of Harry Potter fans out there, this news is pretty exciting.

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