AT&T to Launch Series on Snapchat You Won’t Watch

January 28, 2015

6:30 pm

AT&T announced today that it will launch a a scripted series called “SnapperHero” on Snapchat. I have Snapchat but I’m not sure I’m the audience they want to target. AT&T is going for a younger consumer base, those who are increasingly turning to mobile-based media to gain access to information and entertainment.

Last year, the company launched @SummerBreak, a mobile series backed by AT&T and Chernin Group that played out on Twitter, Tumblr and other social-media outlets.  If you haven’t heard of @SummerBreak, join me in the grandma train. It was “mobile series” that followed nine teens fresh out of high school for one last summer together. In order to watch the show you had to follow the “@SummerBreak” Twitter feed, as well as those feeds belonging to the teens.

According to Variety, “SnapperHero” will center on a superhero premise and will feature people with big followings on social-media outlets like YouTube and Vine, and will have them ask their audiences to make choices that will shape the way “SnapperHero” storyline develops.

“What we are most excited about is that connection between creator and fan, and that phenomenon of call and response,” said Liz Nixon to Variety, engagement director for AT&T.

Snapchat just released this week a new feature called “Discover,” which allows media companies (and potential advertisers) to send video messages that is live for 24 hours. The photo-messaging app usually allows users to send content that typically disappears after a set number of seconds.

In the case of SnapperHero, the episodes will only be available for 24 hours, and then they will be gone. It sound alluring to create an urgency to watch the episodes, but only to those who are now adaptable to communication that disappears in seconds. Mainly high school or college students (71% of Snapchat users are under 25 years old).  We can’t expect the content to be dense, so if you were expecting House of Cards with less piercing dialogue, don’t hold your breath. Regardless if this is an experimental move on AT&T, it signals a shift of marketing strategies to companies looking to target a younger (and with a diminutive attention span) audience.

I just someone figures out how to record the episodes of SnapperHero and release it on Reddit, so I don’t feel so old and out of touch. Oh kids today.



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