7 Australian Startups to Put on Your Radar

August 25, 2016

1:28 pm

There are a few Australian startups you want to watch. The ones we’re going to discuss are all unique in their own way. Here are the top startups you need to keep an eye on.

1. Stockspot

Stockspot is a fund management services but it is automated. You want to keep an eye on this startup because the managed fund industry has been due a disruption for a longtime now. Humans can make many mistakes and fund managers are constantly trying to outperform the index but most end up under performing.

Stockspot and Wealthfront are kind of similar, and Wealthfront, based in the US, has been growing at a fast rate. Sure, there are barriers that new competitors have to get through just to get thing started and existing fund managers probably can’t make adjustments to their current business models to compete. Stockspot has a great business model and if they can keep customer acquisition costs low, then they should have no problems scaling.

This industry is a tricky industry because customers tend to not change their fund managers and there is a lot of mistrust in the industry. However, if a manager is doing what they can to reduce management costs and if they are transparent, then they have a good chance of being successful. They will also need to have a good customer acquisition strategy.

2. Coinjar

This start-up is a bitcoin exchange. The company is based in Australia. However, they are also set up in Britain.

Coinjar combines local banking services and bitcoin, the virtual currency. When you use the service, you’ll receive a local bank account and an EFTPOS card provider. There are not many bitcoin providers who have successfully connected the banking world to bitcoin, but Coinjar has done an amazing job.

3. Invoice2go

This is an Invoicing app designed to tradespeople and mobile businesses. Sure, this business was established many years ago, but it has spent a lot of time finding solutions that would make a major impact on the market. Eventually Invoice2go got mobile invoicing right and over the last two years they have raised millions in venture capital funding. As of now, they have around 200,000 business customers who send more than 500,000 invoices every single month.

4. Simpla

This is a content management platform and it makes it easy for website owners to manage content, as well as edit their web designs, images and videos. Website owners don’t need to know how to code or they don’t need to have a lot of technical experience. In other words, inexperienced website owners can run a website more efficiently with Simpla.

You want to keep an eye on Simpla because it replaces complex tools that are designed to modify web pages. Creating a well-constructed business website is often complicated when you don’t have the right tools or the money to hire a developer. However, that has changed thanks to Simpla.

5. Honee

Honee is a leading platform for wellness and beauty businesses, based in Melbourne Australia, covering everything from nail bars to massage, to gyms to hair salons.  Unlike, just being a review platform Honee allows users to book directly from it and offers a comprehensive amount of information on the services offered by a particular vendors. It changes things as it’s a faster and easier way to organise those wellness and beauty treatments and is expected to expand to other cities soon.

6. Drive Yello

This is a delivery service for fast food restaurants and other types of restaurants. This is kind of like Uber for the restaurant industry and an experienced founder runs the company. Eventually there will probably be many drivers and riders using this service, especially those who have wanted to drive for Uber, but could not due to not meeting Uber’s requirements.

7. Watt Cost

This is a smart power meter that works with digital and analogue meters. It can help consumers lower the power they consume. You want to keep an eye on Watt Cost because the industry is due for a change and many people want to reduce their energy costs. Watt Cost is easy to install and it is currently shipping, and it’s only a matter of time before the company is acquired and experiences massive growth.

Those six Australian start-ups are all unique in their own way. Each one has the potential to disrupt their respective industry and it’s only a matter of time before everyone in Australia knows about them. If you want to learn more about those start-ups, then feel free to visit their websites and find out whether or not you can benefit from their products and/or services.


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