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3 Tech Trends That Are Taking The Hotel Industry By Storm

As technology trends change, hotels continually adapt.  The days of offering free color TV and air conditioning as perks are long gone.  In today’s technology driven world, consumers want access to their potential destination spots online.  They also want a personalized ...


Why Entrepreneurs Should Startup in Las Vegas

When you think about Las Vegas, what comes to mind? In all likelihood, your thoughts gravitate towards cocktail waitresses, poker tables, slot machines, ritzy hotel lobbies, fancy bars, and risky decisions. Well, despite the fact that Vegas will always be a dicey place to...


5 Retail Tech Trends in 2016

The proliferation of technology in the retail space is happening at an impressively swift rate. What was hot last month could easily be obsolete in a few weeks, and the trends that worked yesterday may prove ineffective today. That’s just the nature of the...


Smart Home Tools for a Smarter Office

Smart home gadgets and apps are all the rage with homeowners and rental managers right now. They are being hailed for their convenience and environmentally-friendly nature, and rightfully so. Interestingly, smart home gadgets aren’t just for residential spaces – they have ...


3 Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s UX in 2016

Whether you realize it or not, your website’s user experience (UX) has a significant impact on how consumers see your brand. If your website is sloppy, slow, and archaic, that’s how customers will see your business. On the other hand, if your site is...


The 2 Things Email Marketing Experts Are Doing in 2014

Every new year, marketing managers, analysts, and pundits across the globe make predictions about the most popular trends to come in email marketing. Based on early statistics, the top priorities for real email marketing managers in 2014 are 1) increasing subscriber engagement ...


Cyber Security Breach: Phishing Site Steals Apple IDs

In yet another example of a cyber security breach, the EA server was recently hacked, and its website was used to host a phishing site intended to steal Apple IDs. Unfortunately, such online security breaches are becoming more common as hackers take advantage of...