Avatar is a 3D Technology Viewing Experience

December 21, 2009

3:41 pm

This past weekend I got a chance to see the new movie Avatar in digital 3D. Aside from wearing 3D glasses (as seen here), it was quite the viewing experience as you felt as if you were on the Earth-like moon of Pandora every step of the way. I saw my first trailer for the film this fall and as soon as I saw it I thought it had the potential to be something special. I also read about it more in a recent Wired Magazine article. Not only did the movie deliver, I would go as far as to say the film pushed the boundaries of special effects in movies, the same way that Star Wars, E.T. & Jurassic Park all did in their own decade, respectively. In Avatar the images look so real you feel like you are their and the scenery is amazingly beautiful.

TechCrunch called the movie “the iPhone of movies” in this recent review. Geektonic called Avatar a “must see movie” as well. If you are curious to see what the movie is all about, watch the Avatar trailer in HD.

Aside from the phenomenal special effects, Avatar also has a story line that makes you think about the conservation of our planet Earth. It is my hope that a number of people pick up on these underlying themes and other references and relate them to treating our planet with a little more care as it is the only one we have. Else we may end up on another moon like Pandora in the future trying to steal resources because we squandered our own. The story also paralleled the European settlement of North America and interactions with the Native Americans -which felt like an overtly obvious theme.PANDORA MOUNTAINS

This is not the first big movie for director James Cameron who has created such masterpieces as Titantic. Check out this video interview (below) featuring the Avatar director which was recently posted on Popular Mechanic.

I would recommend you go see the movie Avatar in theaters this holiday season, so you can experience the latest in 3D technology as it definitely the wave the future. I wouldn’t mind going to see the film again in an IMAX theater to experience it on a bigger screen and feel like I am transported again to a small moon called Pandora.

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