Aviary Cofounder Launches Super.cc to Simplify the Way We Create Calendar Events

February 13, 2014

3:07 pm

Super.cc launched on Monday, a free calendaring tool that sifts through your email conversation and automatically creates events in your calendar. Rather than wasting time to manually create calendar events, the service automates the process and allows users to make edits at a later period. The product is the latest project from Michael Galpert, a veteran entrepreneur aiming to minimize the tedium of our daily lives.

After signing up for the service and connecting your preferred calendar, all you have to do is forward any email exchange to add@super.cc. Through its algorithms, Super.cc parses through the contents of the email to determine the who, what, and when for the event. The event is then set up in your calendar with all these details, and calendar invites are sent to all other involved parties.

“My focus is to figure out ‘how do we automate the mundane things in people’s live[s]?’,” said Galpert. “What are the things that people are delegating in their lives on a daily basis…[and] how can we make it easier for them to do themselves?”

Galpert previously co-ofounded Aviary, the NYC-based photo editing software startup that has seen continuous growth since 2007. Super.cc is an idea that grew out of Superhuman.io, his follow-up venture that offered virtual personal assistant and concierge services. “One of the greatest lessons I took away from Aviary is that something is ‘successful’ when millions – if not hundreds of millions – can use something on a daily basis,” said Galpert. For him, the motivation to explore new projects comes from wanting to help people get everyday tasks done in easier ways.

While Super.cc is available for use now, Galpert admits that they released the product a little early; however, he adds that it’s because they want to improve the product per its users’ demands. “What [you] see now is the beginning of what we plan to offer…we’ll begin to offer more features around [calendar automation] as people use [Super.cc].”

You can start using Super.cc now simply by signing up.

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